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Non Cooperation Of Officers To YCP?

Non Cooperation Of Officers To YCP?

The YCP is encountering resistance from officials and employees at all levels. The issue of fake votes is particularly contentious in the Tirupati Lok Sabha by-elections.

Already, along with IAS officer Girisha, Deputy Commissioner of Tirupati, two CIs, one SI, and a constable have been suspended.

Additionally, two more CIs have been sent for further investigation, and two computer operators have lost their jobs.

Against this backdrop, employees across the state have reached the consensus that their careers and peace of mind should not be sacrificed for the sake of political leaders.

Consequently, although some officials from the revenue and police departments have been deployed to certain areas by choice, there is no guarantee that they will cooperate as expected by the leaders.

Some employees are questioning why they should heed the directives of political leaders for a temporary posting of two months. Therefore, while leaders are calling upon them to work in their areas, the authorities are showing little interest.

They are sidestepping the requests by offering various excuses to the leaders. Moreover, the current political climate makes it difficult to predict which party will come to power in the state.

Consequently, officials are inclined to avoid unnecessary alignment with any party to avoid jeopardizing their prospects in the future.

With the upcoming election notification, officials have adopted a neutral stance. They are not responding adequately even when leaders of the ruling party reach out to them.

Furthermore, they are attentively listening to and addressing the complaints of opposition party leaders.

Consequently, leaders of the ruling party are adopting a wait-and-see approach. Only a few officials are now following the directives of ruling party leaders.


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