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New Controversy: Wife Wants To Give Rest To Chandrababu?

New Controversy: Wife Wants To Give Rest To Chandrababu?

TD leader N. Chandrababu Naidu’s wife, Nara Bhuvaneswari, stirred a political controversy on Wednesday by posing a question to Kuppam residents about whether they would support her over her husband in the upcoming elections, stating her desire to "give Naidu a break" after his 35 years in politics.

While she intended the remark in a light-hearted manner, the YSRC seized upon a video of her statement, making it viral on social media.

Speaking at a women’s gathering on financial empowerment, Bhuvaneswari stated, "Let me share something... Feel free to react. Witnessing the warmth of the people during the Nijam Gelavali campaign, I felt a certain urge within me. With Chandrababu Naidu enjoying enduring trust, Kuppam residents have consistently backed him for 35 years. I may suggest he take a break, and I could step into the electoral arena."

Bhuvaneswari urged the audience to indicate their support for Chandrababu Naidu by raising their hands and then for her if they preferred her candidacy. As women showed support for both, she remarked, "Well, you can't endorse both of us at once."

However, she continued, "I’m just teasing. I have no aspirations for any positions, and my husband takes care of me well."

Emphasizing the jesting nature of her comments, she said, "I can't continue this conversation seriously. Hence, I made a light-hearted remark. Please don't take my inquiries seriously. Only Chandrababu will be contesting from here."

Asserting her neutrality in politics, she said, "I prefer to remain apolitical."

Nevertheless, Bhuvaneswari's remarks fueled the YSRC’s campaign, with supporters interpreting them as a call for Naidu to retire from politics.

The YSRC circulated a selectively edited 20-second video clip, alleging that Bhuvaneswari advocated for Naidu to step down. This video was shared on the social media platform X with the tag “#end of TDP,” claiming that it triggered celebrations among the TD cadres.

In response, Bhuvaneswari criticized the YSRC government for the deteriorating law and order situation in the state, accusing Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy of turning Andhra Pradesh into the “cannabis capital of India,” and highlighting an increase in crimes against women.

She claimed the government failed to trace over 30,000 missing women between 2019 and 2021, arguing that such lapses would not have occurred under her husband’s leadership. Bhuvaneswari commended Naidu's efforts in women's empowerment and praised his contributions to education, IT advancements, and the economic development of Andhra Pradesh.


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