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NATA fundraising event in LA a grand success

NATA fundraising event in LA a grand success

As the NATA biennial convention is within sight its leaders notched up a level in raising funds for its upcoming prestigious event. The NATA leaders assembled under the leadership of Dr. Prem Reddy Chair, Emeritus for the Advisory council.

It was a blissful evening with President Dr. Sridhar Korsapati and NMS Reddy Convener for the NATA convention and NATA Board of Director Murari being present at the event besides several NATA representatives.

NATA Board of Director from LA Mallik Reddy Bonthu welcomed the NATA representatives to LA and stated LA Telugu community is fortunate to host the fundraising event in town.

He said NATA has a strong base in the greater LA area and informed that over 130 members taking it, close to 1500 members from LA joining the prestigious organization in the last 6 months.

Dr. Prem Reddy Chair, Emeritus invited the representatives and outlined the importance of the objectives and purposes of NATA as an organization. He felt extremely joyous with the board and how NATA as a whole is dedicating its selfless services to the Telugu community.

A little over 150 people attended the fundraising event, all the people in unison stated, Dr. Prem Reddy is the torchbearer for the Telugu people across United States which is seemingly visible now. People from all walks of life joined in congratulating Dr. Sridhar Korsapati and NATA Convention convener NMS Reddy.

NATA Convention convener 2023 NMS Reddy speaking at the occasion thanked Dr. Prem Reddy and the Board in the confidence trusted in him and proclaimed the event will be the best in recent times and stated the preparations are going at fast pace.

He stated many sporting competitions among other events are being conducted nationwide leading towards the convention in Dallas.

Dr. Sridhar Korsapati stated he will put all donations to judicious use and ensure the convention in Dallas, TX will be memorable for the lifetime.

He thanked Dr. Prem Reddy, the National Convention Committee members Rami Reddy Alla, Narayana Reddy Gandra, Sreenivas Somavarapu among others for trusting him and letting him lead the NATA convention for 2023.

The members thanked Dr. Sridhar Korsapati for raising the standards high and stated they are looking forward to the convention in 2023.

LA NATA team included Mallik Reddy Bonthu (BOD), Bayapa Reddy Dadam (RVP), Butchi Reddy (RVP), Ramakrishna Seelam (RVP), Jaipal Reddy (Telangana state Regional Coordinator), Mallik Banda, Surya Gangireddy, Krishna Buma, Venugopal Gurram, Sita Rami Reddy Samireddy, Raj Kolimi, Mohan Bathula, Phani Wuppalapati, Rao Kalvakota, Venkat Payyala, Srinivas Sunkara, Vasu Mallidi, Venkat Kancharakuntla, Sudheer Junuthula, Venu Katukuri, Sudheer Kotta. Local association TASC president Amar Kethireddy and his team members were also present and extended their wishes to NATA.

Other national organizations ATA, TANA, NATS, TTA, TDF IT Serve leaders also congratulated NATA members. The event was held at Tandoor cuisine of India in Orange County.


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