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Naidu's cabinet meets are meant to benefit 'benamis'!

Naidu's cabinet meets are meant to benefit 'benamis'!

Four cabinet meetings within a span of one month. TDP chief and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu has created a record of sorts in the country by conducting four cabinet meetings within a span of one month, which no PM or CM in the country could achieve so far.

If you think, these meetings are aimed for people's good, think twice. Because the decisions taken by Naidu in these cabinet meetings are benefitting only his 'benamis' than doing good for AP people or AP development.

With Election Commission expected to issue notification for Lok Sabha polls and AP Assembly polls by March 11, Naidu is on a hurry to dole out various benefits to his benamis in his final days as full-fledged CM, which he cannot do after March 11 due to 'election code' if election notification is out.

For this, Naidu chose 'cabinet meet route' to benefit his henchmen till the last minute he remains as full-fledged CM.

Cabinet ministers and IAS officers are worried over the 'last minute rush' of Naidu in conducting cabinet meetings, getting all his 'wrong decisions' approved in the cabinet and Government Orders (GOs) are issued overnight before election code comes into force

They fear Naidu's selfish interests may land ministers and IAS officers in trouble later, if someone approaches courts and also if TDP loses polls and YSRCP comes to power, 

In one such controversial decision, Naidu got it approved doling out Rs 500 crore mobilisation advance to a constructing company owned by Rajya Sabha member CM Ramesh for construction of a irrigation project, known to be his benami in political and official circles.

He regularised lands belonging to temples encroached by his supporters and benamis.

Polavaram works worth Rs 3,650 crores were handed over to Navayuga Company on nomination basis, which is alleged to be funding TDP candidates in upcoming polls.

Doled out thousands of acres of valuable land in Amaravathi to various companies and individuals for dirt cheap rates.


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