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Naidu Cries Foul, Says Atchen Was Kidnapped!

Naidu Cries Foul, Says Atchen Was Kidnapped!

Even as there have been reports that the Anti-Corruption Bureau authorities arrested senior Telugu Desam Party legislator and former minister Kinjarapu Atchen Naidu in connection with the Employment State Insurance purchases scam, TDP president and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu described it as a kidnap.

What is more, Naidu sought to play the Backward Classes card to defend Atchen Naidu and said kidnap of Atchen Naidu was a blatant attack on the weaker sections.

In a statement, the TDP chief alleged that more than 100 policemen in plainclothes swooped on the residence of Atchen Naidu and whisked him away without even telling him why and where he was being taken.

“It is an open secret that Atchen Naidu has been fighting against the injustice and treachery being perpetrated by the Jagan Mohan Reddy government against weaker sections and exposing the facts to the people. Unable to digest this, the Jagan government has resorted to kidnap of Atchen Naidu misusing its power, just four days before the commencement of the state assembly session,” Naidu alleged.

He said the police had not allowed Atchen Naidu even to take his medicines with him and switched off his phone so that even his family members were not able to contact him. Even I could not reach him over phone.

“This is nothing but height of lawlessness and madness and it reflects frustrated mindset of the Jagan government,” he criticised.

Stating that no prior notice was given before taking him into custody, the TDP chief demanded that the chief minister, home minister and director general of police should give an explanation for the same.

He appealed to all the democrats, weaker sections and all sections of people cutting across the parties to condemn this alleged violation of law.


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