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Nagababu was afraid of contesting polls?

Nagababu was afraid of contesting polls?

Senior character actor and mega brother K Nagababu, who contested the recent Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh from Narsapuram parliamentary constituency, was actually not very much interested in fighting the elections.

This was revealed by Nagababu himself in a latest video. Apparently, he was afraid of contesting the direct elections without having any political background, though he had done backroom job for his elder brother Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party in 2009 and more recently for his younger brother Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party.

Nagababu said he had never thought of making a political entry, let alone contesting the elections. But a few days before the closure of nominations, Pawan had called him and asked him whether he was interested in contesting the parliamentary elections from Narasapuram.

This caught Nagababu by surprise, as he was never prepared to enter politics and contest the elections. So, he didn’t know what to say to his younger brother.

“I asked him to give me 12 hours’ time to decide. The next morning, he called me again and I had to say yes,” the senior actor said.

After the elections, Nagababu now says he wondered why he had taken 12 hours’ time to take a decision on entering politics.

“When my brother offered me the party ticket for MP seat, I should have accepted it immediately, but I took so much time to decide on it. I am still not able to understand why I could not take instant decision. May be, I was afraid of elections at that time,” he said.

Nagababu expressed confidence that Narasapuram people would elect him as MP and that he would never forget their love and affection.

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