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Nagababu Attacks Both Allu Arjun And Varma?

Nagababu Attacks Both Allu Arjun And Varma?

Elections have concluded, and the results are concealed within the EVMs, which will only be revealed on June 4th. Meanwhile, Nagababu tweeted something that caught the attention of many.

He tweeted, "Maatho untoo pratyarthulaki pani chese vaadu maa vaadainaa paraayi vaade. maatho nilabade vaadu paraayivaadainaa maa vaade..!" (The one who stays with us but works for our opponents is not our own person; the one who stands with us is our own, even if he is from the opponents' side..!)

This tweet carries dual meanings. At first glance, it seems to target TDP leader Varma of Pithapuram, who faces allegations of working for the benefit of YSRCP and the defeat of Pawan Kalyan, possibly to maintain his hold on the constituency.

However, upon further reflection, it also implies to Allu Arjun, who hails from the mega family but supported his friend Ravi of YSRCP, who contested from Nandyal.

There are widespread opinions that suggest both Varma and Allu Arjun may not be fully committed to Pawan's success in politics but merely offered oral support.

Nagababu's tweet seemingly criticizes both Varma and Allu Arjun. He might be targeting one or both of them.

Regardless, many believe that Nagababu's tendency to raise unnecessary issues and create negative vibes towards Janasena and his brother Pawan Kalyan is detrimental.


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