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Most Viral Trolling Video After Elections

Most Viral Trolling Video After Elections

Do you know who is the most viral troll-video on the internet after the election season in Andhra Pradesh? He is Vuyyuru Lokesh, also known as Tulluru Lokesh. 

He claimed to be a doctor by profession, but his antics have proven to be akin to those of social media comedians like Sunisith and Diversion Aunty, who make baseless statements without logic.

Some psychologists who analyzed his character stated that he might be suffering from some mental disorders, such as delusions of grandeur and schizophrenia.

He appeared on MAHAA TV and gave an interview claiming that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been smuggling crores worth of Indian currency in containers with the help of the Indian Navy since 2015.

When the anchor expressed doubt, questioning how this could happen when Chandrababu was the Chief Minister at that time, Lokesh tried to cover up by mincing words but ended up as a laughingstock.

While this part of the interview circulated as a viral video, there was a later development where he was arrested at Gannavaram airport due to his suspicious movements when YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was about to arrive at the airport.

The comedy continued when, upon being asked by the police why he was there, Lokesh replied that he came to take a printout of his flight ticket. As the police were not convinced, he then complained of a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital.

Overall, videos of him, edited with Brahmanandam's arrest scene from Anaganaga Oka Roju, became viral, providing entertainment to many Telugus.


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