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List Of Seats TDP May Win In Anantapur Region

List Of Seats TDP May Win In Anantapur Region

Anantapur district is crucial for the Telugu Desam Party's electoral success, historically dominating the region.

In the past three decades, TDP's victory in the state corresponded with winning the majority of seats in Anantapur's 14 constituencies. However, in 2019, TDP only secured two seats. 

The Telugu Desam Party's electoral success hinges on winning over 10 assembly seats in Anantapuram district. History dictates that without this, TDP fails to secure power in Andhra Pradesh, regardless of other regional wins.

TDP's prospects of securing ten assembly seats in Anantapuram district seem uncertain. Party turmoil escalates post-candidate announcements, indicating internal discord. Discontent spans from Guntakallu to Puttaparthi, highlighting the volatile situation.

Gummanur Jayaram, now a Telugu Desam Party candidate from Guntakal, faced criticism when he was in YSRCP by pro-TDP media with accusations of corruption. Despite Jagan's refusal to grant him a constituency ticket, TDP pulled and gave him Guntakal ticket. This move boosts confidence in YSR Congress as the TDP supporters in this region are disappointed at this candidate. So victory if written for YSRCP in Guntakal

Daggupati Venkateswara Prasad, a relatively unknown figure, has been allocated the Anantapur Urban seat by TDP. This choice has sparked anger within both the Telugu Desam Party and the Jana Sena. The Balijas had anticipated the candidacy from Jana Sena, intensifying the debate within TDP. Thus, YSRCP gains advantage even in this scenario.

In Dharmavaram, chaos ensued over candidate selection. Initially, Paritala Sriram was named TDP in-charge, but the BJP's demand for this seat created fuss. Despite local BJP leader Varadapuram Suri's objections, a non-local named Satyakumar received the Alliance-ticket. This decision intensifies tensions, possibly leading to non coperation within Alliance groups. YSRCP gains a significant advantage in the midst of turmoil.

Even though it was a stronghold of TDP, the party is facing challenges in Penukonda and Raptadu constituencies! The YSR Congress Party is contesting vigorously in these areas, buoyed by their significant victories in the last elections. Even now YSRCP has edge of winning from these two constituencies. 

There is opposition within the local leadership regarding Telugu Desam Party's candidacy in Madakasira, mirroring the situation in Kalyandurgam. The selection of new candidates over incumbents sparks discontent, giving YSRCP an advantage.

TDP allotted a ticket to Kandikunta Venkataprasad in Kadiri. YSRCP awarded ticket to minority. In rural areas, the Reddys support YSRCP. However, if minorities unite in Kadiri town, it's unsurprising that the YSRCP secures victory for the third consecutive time.

TDP faces no trouble in Puttaparthi and Tadipatri assembly constituencies. It's important to address the situation carefully here. However, YCP is also posing strong competition in these areas.

In Hindupuram, factions within the YSRCP may align with TDP. A competitive scenario is unfolding in Uravakonda.

In the Anantapur district, TDP is definite to lose 7 seats out of 14. The remaining seven face tough competition, making victory uncertain.

Without dominance in Anantapur, TDP's state power aspirations seem futile. Keep the dominance aside, now TDP is struggling to secure even half of the seats.


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