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Left Dumps Pawan After His New Avatar!

Left Dumps Pawan After His New Avatar!

Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan’s latest avatar donning a virtual saffron robe has distanced him from his old friends – the CPI and CPI (M).

The Left parties, which have been maintaining some distance from Pawan for the last couple of months following Jana Sena’s debacle in the last general elections, have been fuming at him for getting closer to the Bharatiya Janata Party of late.

“Vinasha Kale Vipareetha Buddhi,” was the comment made by CPI (M) leader P Madhu following Pawan’s statement that he had never moved away from the BJP and was always closer to it and that he had a lot of respect towards BJP national president Amit Shah.

“Pawan’s statement clearly shows his immature politics. It will further bring down his value in the state politics,” Madhu observed.

In the last assembly elections, the Left parties formed an alliance with the Jana Sena Party, hoping to a win a seat or two, taking advantage of Pawan’s popularity. They were also talking high of Pawan’s Leftist thinking and his proximity to their ideology.

But after realising that Pawan has no support base among the people, the Left parties have been maintaining safe distance from him. Now that he has shown affinity towards the BJP, the Left parties have got an excuse to dump Pawan.

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