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Lagadapati's brother predicts YSRC win

Lagadapati's brother predicts YSRC win

Former Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, who shot into media limelight with is pre-poll predictions for the last one decade, has predicted that the Telugu Desam Party would come back to power in Andhra Pradesh for a second term.

It was quite expected, as Lagadapati has been trying to get closer to the TDP for quite some time and has been making statements against YSR Congress party.

He predicted that the TDP would get 100 out of 175 assembly seats and the YSRC would end up with a maximum of 72 seats.

Interestingly, Lagadapati’s own brother Lagadapati Madhusudhan Rao, who has been running the Lanco Group of Companies, gave a completely different prediction, based on various surveys including few pre-poll and post poll conducted by internal teams to cross check various other surveys.

According to Madhusudhan Rao, YSRC will get at least 106 assembly seats, while the TDP will get 68 and Jana Sena one seat.

Since a good number of seats are within 2 per cent margin, considering margin of error, the finally tall could be: YCRC- 100-112; TDP 62-74 and JS 1-2.

Going by his predictions, here is the probable number of seats to be won by each party district wise:

Srikakulam. YCRC 5, TDP 5
Vijayanagaram. YCRC 5, TDP 4
Visakhapatnam. YCRC 7, TDP 7, JS 1
E. Godavari. YCRC 10, TDP 9
W. Godavari. YCRC 8, TDP 7
Krishna. YCRC 11, TDP 5
Guntur. YCRC 8, TDP 9
Prakasham. YCRC 7, TDP 5
Nellore. YCRC 8, TDP 2
Chittor.  YCRC 10, TDP 4
Cuddapah. YCRC 9, TDP 1
Anantapur. YCRC 6, TDP 8
Kurnool. YCRC 12, TDP 2

For parliament, looking at individual assembly majority, and as 7 assemblies represent a parliament seat, YCP is expected to perform better compared to Assembly.

Going by Madhusudhan Rao’s predictions, YSRC will get 18-21 MP seats, while the TDP will get 4-7 seats.

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