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June 4, a bad omen for Naidu?

June 4, a bad omen for Naidu?

The results of the elections to the Andhra Pradesh state assembly and Lok Sabha will be declared on June 4, and all the political parties are waiting with bated breath for the outcome, which will decide their fate for the next five years.

Both the YSR Congress Party and the Telugu Desam Party-led National Democratic Alliance are putting up a brave front, claiming they will emerge victorious in the assembly elections and come to power in the state.

Interestingly, like film stars, politicians, too, attach a lot of importance to sentiments and superstitions. They look at every date from a sentimental angle to determine whether it is a bad omen for them or not.

Telugu Desam Party president N. Chandrababu Naidu also believes in such sentiments.

According to an astrologer, the election schedule was announced on March 16; so the numbers 1 plus 6 add up to 7, which is a bad number for Naidu in terms of astrology. Therefore, he might lose the elections.

At the same time, the actual election process began on April 18; so the numbers 1 plus 8 add up to 9, which is an auspicious number for Naidu. On that count, Naidu should win the elections.

However, YSR Congress Party general secretary V. Vijay Sai Reddy presented another number theory.

In 2019, Naidu’s TDP won just 23 seats, which Reddy attributed to Naidu having poached 23 MLAs from YSRCP when he was in power.

“Interestingly, the results of the 2019 assembly elections were also declared on May 23. Going by God’s script, the TDP could get only 23 seats,” Sai Reddy reasoned.

This time, Naidu poached four MLAs from YSRCP in 2023 – Vundavalli Sridevi, M. Chandrasekhar Reddy, Anam Ramnarayana Reddy, and Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy.

“Now, the election results are being declared on June 4. So, one can imagine how many seats the TDP is going to get this time. I feel pity for Naidu,” the YSRCP general secretary said.


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