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Jagan facing nuisance from party leaders

Jagan facing nuisance from party leaders

The elections to Andhra Pradesh state assembly were over on April 11 and it will take another two weeks for the declaration of results to decide who will form the next government in the state.

YSR Congress party is pretty confident that it will come to power after May 23. Many other election surveys also indicated the same, though the exact outcome of exit polls will be known only on May 19.

But, there is always a slip between cup and lip. The TDP leaders are also confident that their party will scrape through in the elections and will retain power. So, it is better to wait and watch till May 23, when the results will be out.

However, the YSR Congress party leaders seem to be very eager in having their share in power and have started lobbying for the same.

The Lotus Pond office in Hyderabad is being flooded with the prospective MLA candidates who are making their own efforts to reserve their berths in the new cabinet.

Then there are other party leaders from top to bottom, who have been struggling hard for the party for several years. They are lobbying for important posts and positions in the government and government corporations.

Even senior officials of the Andhra Pradesh government are secretly doing rounds to Lotus Pond for prime postings, if Jagan comes to power.

These leaders have become a big nuisance for Jagan, as everybody comes to him and submits an application. He cannot talk rudely with them, as they worked hard for the party for several years.

He has been patiently telling them to wait till the elections results are announced and promising them to take care of their interests.

Yet, they have not stopped bothering him. Wherever he goes, whether it is to Dehradun for a holidaying or a cinema in a multiplex in Hyderabad, some leader or the other appears before Jagan to put forth their requests. Though it is irritating for Jagan, he is helpless.

Well, these are very common in any political party that has chances of coming to power. And Jagan has no option but to bear with them!



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