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It Is Police All The Way To Assembly

It Is Police All The Way To Assembly

As the special session of Assembly is set to meet in a few hours from now on Monday, the State is witnessing a hoard of cane-wielding police teams.

While the opposition parties have given a call to lay siege to the Assembly, the police have already laid siege to the entire area.

The 29 villages of the capital are under the strict watch of the police to avoid any untoward incident as the opposition TDP is firm on making it an issue.

Though the TDP leaders were kept under house arrest at various places, the TDP had planned in such a way that the TDP teams have already designed plans to enter the capital villages in some form or the other.

The TDP had sent the scheme to make the event a successful and the party activists have taken position in the 29 villages.

Most of them have already reached the villages, while some are planning to come in groups holding the national flag.

The TDP chief had instructed the rank and file and the party sympathisers to keep women in the front with the national flag to avoid police being tough with them.

The TDP government has a set of rules to be followed in the 29 villages and also to curb agitations like the laying siege to the Assembly. Never in the past four years, the police have not allowed any such programme.

Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham had called for challo Assembly in the past and the police have followed strict prohibitory orders.

Mudragada was kept under house arrest in his Kirlampud village for months together. No Kapu youth was allowed to enter the capital villages.

The MRPS leader Manda Krishna Madiga too had given a similar call but the police followed the set of rules and silenced the activists.

Some of the activists in the 29 capital villages too were arrested, while some were also kept under house arrest. The activists were caned in Vijayawada and Guntur cities.

The Nayee Brahmins too had planned for a similar agitation and so was the case of the Left parties several times in the last five years.

Those protests were not allowed with Chandrababu Naidu as chief minister giving strict instructions to the police to silence the protests.

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