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Is RGV Super Serious to Contest from Pithapuram?

Is RGV Super Serious to Contest from Pithapuram?

Ram Gopal Varma announced on that he unexpectedly decided to run for office from Pithapuram.

While one might interpret this as a jab at Pawan Kalyan, who announced on Thursday his candidacy for the Pithapuram assembly constituency.

Pawan Kalyan's announcement seemed impromptu, prompting Ram Gopal Varma to declare his own sudden decision to run for the same constituency on It was his way of being sarcastic.

"SUDDEN DECISION... I am HAPPY to inform that I am CONTESTING from PITHAPURAM," he wrote.

When trolls challenged him to make it official, he playfully responded, affirming he is "super serious" about his decision.


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