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Is Pawan Teaching Politics To Modi, Shah?

Is Pawan Teaching Politics To Modi, Shah?

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan finally met Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday in Delhi.

He had high expectations for the NDA meeting and seemed to have dreamt of having discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the event.

However, the meeting turned out to be a one-way message from Modi, and there was no chance for Pawan or others to say anything.

Pawan Kalyan was disappointed and decided to stay back in Delhi to meet the top leaders of the BJP.

In the morning, he could meet BJP AP incharge and Union Minister Muralidharan, and in the evening, with great difficulty, he met Amit Shah.

All that Pawan Kalyan wanted to convey to the BJP leaders was to bring TDP in AP on board for the next election.

His target was to build an alliance between BJP and TDP on one hand and defeat the YSR Congress on the other.

His logic behind taking TDP on board was to ensure that the anti-government vote was not divided, and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu would help both BJP and Jana Sena win a handful of seats.

But the big question is, are Modi and Shah ready to take these political lessons from Pawan Kalyan?

Don't the BJP leaders have their own understanding of AP politics and their own strategies to decide whether to have an alliance with any party or not?

By lobbying for TDP, Pawan Kalyan seemed to think he could teach politics to Amit Shah and Narendra Modi!

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