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I will bounce back like a ball, says Mudragada

I will bounce back like a ball, says Mudragada

Former minister and Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham, who has been making efforts for the last few days to launch a new political party for achieving political power for Kapu community with the support of the BCs and SCs, has alleged that he is facing threats from some forces to stall his attempts.

On Tuesday, Mudragada alleged that he has been under attack in the social media for the last few days, questioning his efforts to bring about a unity among the Kapus, Dalits and OBCs.

“They are posting messages in the social media abusing me in filthy language. They might be of the view that I would be scared of such abusive postings and drop my attempts. But they should realise that I am like a ball. If it is struck with a great force, it bounces back with the same force. I, too, will grow stronger with every such attack,” he said.

Mudragada criticised that some people in politics, who are neck-deep in smear black mud, are trying to smear the dirt on others.

“It has become a fashion for such people to attribute motives to others who are striving hard and calling them cheats and thieves,” he alleged.

Recently, Mudragada held a meeting with prominent BC, Kapu and Dalit leaders at his residence to discuss the strategy of floating a new party in Andhra Pradesh to achieve power for the opporessed sections.

Last week, he wrote an open letter to these communities calling upon them strive for achieving power in the state in a systematic manner. He said it was time for the weaker sections to grab power. 

“We should stop carrying the palanquin of the upper castes and strive for the day when we, too, travel in palanquins. This state is not the jagir of any particular community. It belonging to everybody,” he said.

Mudragada called upon the leaders of the Kapus, BCs and Dalits to work out a blue print to grab political power. They should meet regularly to formulate an action plan.


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