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Galla Ready To Sacrifice For Kesineni

Galla Ready To Sacrifice For Kesineni

Industrialist-turned-Telugu Desam Party MP from Guntur Galla Jayadev has offered to sacrifice his position for the sake of his Vijayawada counterpart Kesineni Srinivas alias Nani, who has been sulking for being ignored in the party.

Galla, along with Nani, met party president and former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu at the latter’s Vundavalli residence in the evening following a call from the latter.

Apparently, Nani expressed his displeasure over Naidu ignoring his seniority and services to the party while distributing posts in the parliamentary party.

He reportedly told Naidu that giving him party whip post at a time when his detractors were spreading rumours about his joining the Bharatiya Janata Party, would only strengthen such rumours.

Initially, it was rumoured that Kesineni was not happy for giving party floor leader post in Lok Sabha to a junior like K Rammohan Naidu. But during the discussions, it was revealed that he was angry for showing undue favours to Galla family. 

While Jayadev was made parliamentary party leader, his mother Aruna was given politburo membership.

On listening to Kesineni’s complaint, Galla reportedly offered to forego his parliamentary party leader post for Kesineni.

“It is not correct that our family was bagging key posts. My mother has been in politics for over three decades. So, she deserves the politburo membership. I am ready to give up my post,” he said.

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