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Following K A Paul, JD to launch new party!

Following K A Paul, JD to launch new party!

Whenever there are elections in the Telugu states, we hear a lot of noise from maverick evangelist K A Paul, who enters the fray in the name of his registered political party – Praja Shanti Party.

He is hardly taken seriously by the voters and except a few of his followers nobody would vote for him or his party candidates. He is just a nuisance or at the most, an entertainment value in politics.

Now, it appears former joint director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) V V Lakshminarayana, popularly known as JD, wants to follow the footsteps of Paul in the coming elections in Andhra Pradesh.

While declaring to the media that he would contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Visakhapatnam parliamentary constituency, JD declared that he might contest as an independent, but he would not also rule out floating a new regional party.

The former CBI official campaigned for Barrelakka (Karne Shireesha) in Kollapur assembly constituency in Telangana elections. After returning to Visakhapatnam, he declared that it would be better to float a new party, rather than contesting as an independent, in the Andhra Pradesh elections.

He earlier declared that he had received offers from various political parties, including YSR Congress party. In fact, he even lavished praises on YSRCP president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy for his welfare schemes and focus on education and health.

However, it appears, there are no takers for him in any political party. “Instead of approaching other parties, I thought it would be better to launch my own party,” he said.

If that happens, it is sure that JD will end up another K A Paul, who has a party but no candidates or resources. In that case, he will remain a non-serious politician.


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