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Fake Alert: CBN Touching Amit Shah's Feet

Fake Alert: CBN Touching Amit Shah's Feet

A picture has been making rounds on the internet today, causing many to instantly believe in the kind of morphing done to the picture. 

It shows Chandrababu touching the feet of Amit Shah.

The yellow media circulated news yesterday that a TDP-BJP alliance is almost confirmed and Chandrababu is going to have a meeting with the BJP high command today.

Following this, the opponent social media groups created this picture and circulated it in the internet circuit.

So, this is to confirm that the picture is not real but a fake and morphed one.

A news also fabricated in this connection, stating that Chandrababu met Amit Shah in Delhi and agreed to give 4 MP seats and 22 MLA seats to BJP as part of an alliance.

The fake news also added that Purandeshwari from Vizag, Raghu Rama Raju from Narsapur, Sujana Chowdary from Vijayawada, and Balakrishna's younger son-in-law Bharat from Rajahmundry would contest as MPs on BJP tickets for MP seats.

Everything is fake here, and nothing holds an iota of truth. It's all the creativity of the social media warriors of a political party.

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