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Did women really vote for Naidu?

Did women really vote for Naidu?

The polling for elections to Andhra Pradesh state assembly was completed on April 11 and suspense prevails over the people’s verdict which will be revealed only on May 23.

Since there is a long gap between the polling and declaration of results, a lot of speculations have been going on in the media over which section has voted for whom.

The general impression that is being given by the Telugu Desam Party is that women have voted in big numbers for the party, as they were very happy with the money given to them by TDP president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu under “Pasupu Kumkuma” scheme.

There was a huge voter turnout in several polling booths in the state till late hours and especially women stood in long queues, waiting for their turn to cast the vote even after midnight.

The TDP leadership feels it is a positive vote for the party, as Naidu gave an appeal to the voters, especially women, through television channels to go back to the polling stations and cast their vote.

There was also a talk that the TDP leaders in several constituencies went from door to door to mobilize women voters and send them to the polling stations.

They also provided women with food and water for standing in queues till late hours. So, the TDP believes that such a big mobilization of women was a positive sign for the party.

However, enquiries revealed that not all women were happy with the TDP.

First of all, the self-help group women were upset with the TDP government for not waiving their bank loans.

Secondly, they could not get even the Pasupu-Kumkuma money as the bank authorities adjusted the amount for the outstanding loans.

Thirdly, in several villages, the Pasupu Kumkuma cheques could not be encashed due to technical issue.

“All these issues had a negative impact on the TDP. Moreover, the women also believed that the new government would also waive their loans and so, the TDP scheme was no big deal for them,” a journalist observed.



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