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Covid 19's Biggest Lesson: Leader or Politician?

Covid 19's Biggest Lesson: Leader or Politician?

What is the difference between a leader and a politician? A leader puts the interests of the people above all whereas a politician puts himself before anything else. 

In other words, a leader has a people-centric approach whereas a politician has a self-centred approach but pretends to be otherwise. Now, why is this distinction important?

Here’s the answer:

All across the globe, countries and States with leaders have managed to do remarkably well in dealing with the virus whereas the countries, states and cities headed by politicians have struggled to combat the virus resulting in large number of deaths.

Where the politicians exist, whatever actions they have taken in this period of crisis has been more towards protecting their designations and power rather than a genuine love for the masses. So, what is the takeaway for this? 

Many people have an apathetic attitude towards exercising their franchise, especially in India.

The general mindset is: “What does it matter to me as to who comes to power? They’re all the same.” No, they’re not all the same!

So, the next time when you decide to vote for a person just because he belongs to your caste, region, religion or whatever rather than his ability and character, think again.

Your vote does make a difference. In a crisis like this, your vote could decide whether you’ll live or die. Because, the quality of your safety is as good as the quality of the person you have elected.

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