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Cops Foil Yet Another TDP Plan To Malign Jagan!

Cops Foil Yet Another TDP Plan To Malign Jagan!

Timely intervention by the police from Guntur district prevented the Telugu Desam Party from making yet another attempt to malign and sling mud at YSR Congress party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Monday night.

According to sources, the TDP leaders in Guntur district laid out a well organised plan to convey to the people that drug mafia is ruling the roost at Tadepalli, well behind the official residence of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

As part of the strategy, the TDP leaders recorded a video of a supposedly poor woman from Tadepalli, complaining that her son had become a victim of ganja addiction.

She alleged that Tadepalli had become a haven for indiscriminate ganja sale and innocent children and youngsters were falling prey to this ganja mafia.

“The chief minister’s residence is hardly a few yards away from this place, where ganja is easily available. I don’t know what the authorities are doing. If this continues, I have no option but to commit suicide,” the woman was heard saying in the video.

Accordingly, the TDP leaders prepared a well-drafted script saying despite stringent security measures being taken at the chief minister’s residence, ganja peddlers are ruling the roost a few yards away from his house. 

“Mr Jagan, don’t describe her as a paid artiste and get her arrested saying that she is a stooge of the opposition parties. Please understand this mother’s anguish. How can the people believe that you are for the people, when such a drug mafia is operating well behind your house?” was the WhatsApp message the TDP leaders were planning to circulate.

Apparently, the TDP leaders were planning to make it a big issue on Tuesday by bringing the woman to the party office and making her address a press conference to sling mud at Jagan.

They were also planning to circulate the video and the message even among the national media, so that Jagans’ prestige is maligned at the national level.

However, even before the TDP leaders converted their plans into action, the police foiled their attempt and exposed them.

It is learnt they arrested a woman TDP leader from Vijayawada, who is said to be brain behind the entire plan of action, and questioned her for a long time in the police station.

Though the TDP leader, also a state-level spokesperson, denied of having any connections with the plan, the police let off her only after grilling. But, with the police successfully foiled a major conspiracy against the government!

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