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Comment: Why YCP Overreacts On PK-CBN Meet?

Comment: Why YCP Overreacts On PK-CBN Meet?

Reacting too much for nothing has become a habit for YCP ministers and leaders.

Sometime back when Pawan came up with his green colored vehicle, the YCP leaders made a big noise with their punch dialogues and sarcastic remarks. 

Now again when Pawan met with Chandrababu, they continued their overreaction.

Bothering much about unnecessary incidents speaks low about the ruling party and its people.

It is the duty of the social media wing to carry any kind of trolls, memes or throwing sarcastic remarks.

Giving unnecessary importance by overreacting to a mundane political meeting may give an impression that the ruling party is really concerned about it.

When the ruling party has the confidence that it can win 175/175, then it should maintain silence in trivial matters.


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