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Chandrababu Worsening TDP's Situation

Chandrababu Worsening TDP's Situation

Are Chandrababu Naidu's decisions depressing TDP ranks? The answer is yes. Initially, TDP leaders and activists thought that the alliance with Jana Sena would be beneficial to them.

However, the ranks of TDP are becoming dissatisfied as days go by, seeing that Jana Sena members are gaining an advantage over them. TDP leaders are upset that Pawan Kalyan is strengthening Jana Sena by forging an alliance with them.

In fact, without an alliance with TDP, Jana Sena would have shut down by now.

But Pawan Kalyan openly stated from many platforms recently that with out Jana Sena, the TDP is out. Until a month ago, there was a discussion that TDP would not gain power without Jana Sena.

It is a fact that leaders of both parties agree on - neither Chandrababu nor Pawan Kalyan are in a situation to face Jagan alone.

Moving to the present situation, Chandrababu's actions indicate that despite his alliance with Jana Sena, it is not easy to face YCP.

Despite BJP's lack of popularity and opposition in AP, discussions have been raised about Chandrababu's alliance with that party for help. Due to TDP and Jana Sena's alliance, the yellow media keeps boasting that Jagan's tenure will be short-lived.

It is noteworthy that Chandrababu's visit to Delhi and the subsequent results are signaling to his party ranks that he will not be able to defeat Jagan unless BJP joins him. This is gradually changing the political climate in AP.

Positive winds are blowing towards Jagan, strengthening this opinion.

The TDP workers are losing confidence with these desperate acts by CBN. TDP leaders are also stating that Chandrababu's cowardice is aiding Jagan.

Although the time for the election notification is approaching, the allocation of seats between TDP and Jana Sena has not been decided yet.

In the meantime, discussions about an alliance with BJP have started. The end of this alliance game among these three parties is an incomprehensible situation.

With Chandrababu's imprisonment, it seemed to create a favorable atmosphere for TDP for a few days. But after that situation is going negative.

Many in TDP lament that Chandrababu is worsening the situation with his desperate pursuit of alliances and indecisiveness regarding seat allocations.


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