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Can Balakrishna's S-I-L Win This Time?

Can Balakrishna's S-I-L Win This Time?

Visakhapatnam MP contestant Sri Bharat is first known as the grandson of the late former MP of the same constituency, MVVS Murthy. Then he gained popularity as the son-in-law of film actor Balakrishna. 

He also heads Geetam educational institutions and that is known to the locals. 

35 year old Sri Bharat dreams to become an MP from many years. He worked hard to secure a ticket in 2019. However, due to a lack of political fortune, he was narrowly defeated. 

So this time, he took various precautions and secured his ticket without facing any issues in spite of alliance issues. 

Everything seems fine, but he faces tough competition as Botsa Jhansi, a former MP from YCP, who is strictly local, is his opponent. 

The Toorpu Kapu community mostly resides in the Visakhapatnam Parliament area.

According to the latest statistics, if the voters in the Visakha Parliament amount to eighteen lakhs, the majority of them belong to that community. It's said that if all of them are sensitized uniformly, the results could change. 

Additionally there are rumors of disunity within alliances. If the transfer of votes is not managed properly then it could pose a problem.

The political fate of Sri Bharat, who is contesting for the second time should be closely watched.

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