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Bandi's Rs 100 cr padayatra behind his removal?

Bandi's Rs 100 cr padayatra behind his removal?

It has been more than 36 hours since Bandi Sanjay was removed from the post of BJP Telangana president, and Union Minister Kishan Reddy was appointed in Sanjay's place.

However, speculations about why Sanjay was abruptly removed from the post refuse to die down.

In BJP circles, rumors are circulating that Sanjay was sacked because he allegedly amassed nearly Rs 100 crore under the guise of his padayatra named "Praja Sangrama Yatra."

Sanjay undertook a year-long padayatra in four phases between October 2021 and September 2022.

Allegations within the BJP circles suggest that Sanjay resorted to extortion by collecting crores of rupees from wealthy individuals under the pretext of mobilizing funds to meet expenses for his padayatra.

They claim that despite collecting such hefty funds, Sanjay utilized Rs 30 crore from the party's funds for his padayatra.

The BJP national leadership is said to have received complaints from a few party leaders regarding Sanjay's financial dealings. As a result, an internal inquiry was ordered, which found irregularities on Sanjay's part.

During a media interaction in Delhi three days ago, BJP MLA M. Raghunandan Rao revealed shocking details, questioning how Sanjay could afford to give advertisements worth crores of rupees to the media for his padayatra when he claimed to have mortgaged and sold his properties, as well as his wife's jewelry, to contest the Lok Sabha election from Karimnagar in 2019.

Raghunandan told the media that Sanjay had collected huge funds under the guise of the padayatra.

All these factors reportedly contributed to Bandi Sanjay's ouster from the post of BJP Telangana president, according to sources.


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