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Babu's Plan A Is Foolish - Plan B Is Silly

Babu's Plan A Is Foolish - Plan B Is Silly

Chandrababu Naidu thought that BJP would lose in 2019 elections. So he disassociated with it just before a few months to elections and propagated that it was BJP that betrayed the Andhra people not giving special status.

But BJP won. Much to the shock, YSRCP also had won. So  from the very next say, CBN started praising Modi and BJP. His idea was to rejoin hands with BJP again.

He knows that he cannot survive independantly without the help of any other strong party.

He made many attempts to meet Modi. But he never got any appointment. Adding to that Modi is getting close to Jagan. This is highly indigestible to Babu.

On the other hand, the state BJP is pulling the TDP candidates. This is another threat to Babu and his party. 

So, finally he understood that Plan A failed. In the first place, he is too foolish to imagine that this plan would work after crititisizing Modi to such an extent in 2019.

Now he is on Plan B. This sounds silly. He wants to critisize both BJP and YSRCP together and pull Janasena to his side completely.

Pawan doesnt like Jagan anyway. So CBN plans to add fuel to that hatred and join hands with Janasena.

This Plan B is silly because, both CBN and Janasena are crippled with no traction in the public. So they end up nowhere together.


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