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Ashok Babu Exposes CBN's 'Employees Scandal'

Ashok Babu Exposes CBN's 'Employees Scandal'

Big News Debate on TV9 enjoys a good popularity among the audience. Host Rajanikanth smartly handles the debates and discussions in the Big News.

He is a specialist in provocating others to talk but he never loses his cool. In fact, real journalists will always be balanced when they are handling such things. But people are witnessing several other debates where hosts who don't know how to run a debate are seen shouting at their peak.

The Big News Debate that telecasted yesterday on TV9 is creating a sensation. The reason is Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi speaking over the phone. 

It is to be remembered that the same Vallabhaneni Vamsi had ripped TDP MLC Rajendra Prasad apart on the same channel in the past.  Now, its Ashok Babu at the receiving end.

The loudmouth of Ashok Babu turned out to be his worst enemy. Rajanikanth conducted the debate on the Rajyasabha elections. During the debate, Ashok Babu made serious comments on a few leaders. 

He said "Some leaders who neither belong here nor there are spoiling TDP. These leaders don't have guts". 

He also spoke about masculinity.

Vamsi who was following the debate came live on phone. Rajanikanth asked him whether he disregarded the whip and voted against the party or made it an invalid vote as a rebellion? 

The real debate has immediately started with Vamsi. He told that he is in politics since 2004 but Ashok Babu made his entry recently.

He said, "Public has seen what is Vamsi and his masculinity in the last three elections. If Ashok Babu especially wants to see my masculinity that's a different issue. It is better if you choose your words carefully Ashok. Who are you? Why are you talking about my masculinity?"

He continued, "You ask me whether I belong to Telugu Desam or YCP? Ask Chandrababu Naidu who suspended me. Whose masculinity do you want to see Ashok? Did you ever go to the public? Did you ever contest? Did you ever get a seat?"

He blasted Ashok Babu saying, "People like you eat in Telugu Desam canteens, roaming in Telugu Desam cars, living on Telugu Desam salaries. You guys talk about me?"

Finally he made a few suggestions for TV9.

"Don't invite this kind of buffoons, the people not even win in booths, wards. Don't bring such people to debates who can never win in contests. Hold meaningful discussions."

This way Vallabhaneni Vamsi attacked Ashok Babu. Many people who followed the debate are saying that Vamsi taught him a lesson for speaking in a loudmouth.  

But the bottomline is Ashok Babu has exposed the employees scandal directed by CBN. He used employees as herd of sheep. Ashok Babu has committed and became an approver in the fit of anger while answering Vamsi that it is he who brought TDP to power in 2014 using employees.


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