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Any Respite For The Andhras?

Any Respite For The Andhras?

It’s called an election only for namesake, in reality it is the saga of a power clash between two communities: the Reddys and the Kammas, since independence.

While this time around, the Reddys are being led by YS Jagan, for the Kammas, its naturally the TDP and Chandrababu Naidu.

Jagan Reddy managed to do something which even YSR couldn’t and that is to successfully bring all the Reddys together.

Despite Jagan being a practicing Christian and therefore, technically not a Hindu, the Reddy feel it is better to stand by him rather than lose out to the Kammas.

The latter on the other hand are desperate to come back to power as Jagan is leaving no stone unturned in destroying them economically and politically.

Having spent 16 months in jail, Jagan holds them responsible and has absolutely no kind of sympathy for them.

Where does this leave the people of Andhra Pradesh?

Post-bifurcation, the State finds itself in a pitiable plight with the Centre not delivering on its promises and the prospects don’t look too bright in the near future either.

The sad truth is that neither YS Jagan nor Chandrababu Naidu can fight the Centre for getting Andhra, its fair due.

Someone like a Mamata Banerjee or Nitish Kumar could dare to take on Modi and Amit Shah because they were squeaky clean.

Their colleagues in the Cabinet may have been corrupt and Modi-Shah went after them but they could never touch Mamata or Nitish, personally.

Unfortunately, Jagan and Chandrababu now have so many cases pending against them that they just cannot afford to take on the Centre without risking their political careers and livelihood.

In other words, they aren’t in a position to put the State above personal interests. As long as that remains the case, there is no way Andhra can prosper in terms of development.

In other words, it just doesn’t matter whether it is Jagan or Chandrababu who becomes the next Chief Minister.

The only other option available to the people is Pawan Kalyan, an absolute political imbecile who doesn’t know the difference between a political meeting and an ‘audio launch’ function.

Pawan Kalyan’s only strength is the numerical majority of his community and he is just cashing in on that aspect.

Will the gods ever smile on Andhra Pradesh, again?


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