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Anna Lezhnova's Complaint Against Pawan To Home Minister

Anna Lezhnova's Complaint Against Pawan To Home Minister

Ex-Janasena member Pithani Balakrishna has claimed that Pawan Kalyan's wife, Anna Lezhnova, lodged a complaint against her husband with the central Home Minister sometime ago.

When questioned about the nature of the complaint, Pithani stated that she alleged Pawan's involvement in extramarital affairs, hoping to seek justice. 

When asked how such a personal matter could be brought to the attention of the Central Home Ministry, Pithani suggested that Anna might have done so due to Pawan's perceived closeness to the Central BJP, intending to expose his character.

Pithani also revealed that there were extensive discussions and speculations within the party regarding her complaint to the Home Ministry.

Pithani further alleged that he possesses evidence indicating Pawan Kalyan's involvement in selling party tickets for Rs 10 crore each.

He also accused Chandrababu of engaging in similar practices, selling MLA tickets for amounts ranging from Rs 10 crore to Rs 20 crore.


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