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'Amaravathi public money looting' does not come under RTI Act!

'Amaravathi public money looting' does not come under RTI Act!

The TDP government led by CM N Chandrababu Naidu in AP is already facing severe allegations of looting thousands of crores of public money in the name of construction of new capital city Amaravathi.

Adding credence to these allegations, Naidu has now issued orders exempting "Amaravathi issues" from the purview of Right to Information (RTI) Act.

This is to check attempts of common people, social organisations and other concerned citizens to seek information under RTI Act on land acquisition, handing over of valuable lands in Amaravathi for Singapore companies and other private companies/ individuals, MoUs entered with various firms and individuals for construction of Amaravathi city.

This is seen as a clever ploy by Naidu to cover up scams and looting of public money by TDP leaders in the name of Amaravathi city.

Interestingly, Naidu himself is heading the CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority), which has been entrusted the job of construction of Amaravathi.

Naidu has handed over 1,691 acres to few Singapore private companies. They were allowed to develop plots and ventures and sell them on their own in return for construction of Amaravathi.

Naidu has set up Amaravathi Development Partners Pvt Ltd for the purpose, which is entering into MoUs with Singapore private firms.

Naidu has issued orders not to disclose these MoUs under RTI leading to allegations that TDP government was trying to cover up scams.

Concerned citizens who are approaching CRDA for information under RTI are denied details saying that Amaravathi MoUs are 'top secret and highly confidential' and does not fall under the purview of RTI Act.

Citizens question if there were no scams, where was the need for Naidu to hide information and bringing Amaravathi out of RTI Act.



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