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13 New Districts: 'Momentous Day,' Says Jagan

13 New Districts: 'Momentous Day,' Says Jagan

Andhra Pradesh will double the number of its districts to 26, with the addition of 13 new districts. A meeting of the Council of Ministers will take place on April 7, which is expected to take key decisions on putting in place a new team to run the state.

The process of forming new districts in Andhra Pradesh is complete and Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy will inaugurate the 13 new districts tomorrow.

"The Chief Minister will launch district portals and handbooks to make it possible for people to engage on this momentous day," the Chief Minister's office said in a statement.

"Chief Minister Jagan has directed officials to streamline office allotment procedure, stating that officers will be required to assume possession of the district office on April 4," it said.

On April 6, the Chief Minister will felicitate volunteers who have worked tirelessly across all village and ward secretariats, it said, adding that Mr Reddy will on April 8 disburse "Vasathi Deevana" to beneficiaries across the state.

Mr Reddy held a review meeting at the camp office in Vijayawada to examine the reorganisation efforts. In the next days, a final notification referring to the reorganisation of the existing 13 districts into 26 is likely to be released.

Four sub-committees were formed under the Chief Minister's guidance to ensure a smooth reorganisation process, the Chief Minister's office said.

Mr Reddy was updated by the heads of the sub-committees on the actions taken in terms of personnel and officer reallocation. He was also briefed on the structure of each district, the number of employees and departments that would be included in these districts, and the steps taken by each committee to set up offices for the departments.


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