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'Vinavayya Ramayya' Review: Nothing New

'Vinavayya Ramayya' Review: Nothing New

Movie: Vinavayya Ramayya
Rating: 2/5
Saraswathi Films
Cast: Naga Anvesh, Kruthika, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, RGV Shankar, Ali, Naresh, Tulasi and Others
Music: Anup Rubens
Cinematography: Rasool Ellore
Editor: Praveen Pudi
Producer: Sindhura Puvvu Krishna Reddy
Direction: G Ramprasad
Release Date: June 19, 2015

Two child artistes have graduated to lead actors. Naga Anvesh, the boy acted as Venkatesh's son in "Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu', and Kruthika, the girl who performed as Venky's teenage daughter in "Drushyam" have debuted as romantic pair in "Vinavayya Ramayya". The film had evoked good curiosity for this reason. Let’s gauge how the film has evolved…

Chanti (Naga Anvesh) is a good for nothing guy in a village and he also acts innocent. He passes time with a bunch of his friends. Chanti admires his childhood friend Janaki (Kruthika) who happens to be his neighbor. Her father Chowdhary (Prakash Raj) is the village leader. Although she doesn't reciprocate any feelings towards him, Chanti thinks the feeling is mutual and flirts with her.

One day, her father arranges her marriage with a rich guy. Chanti is shattered by her decision. Despite the fact that she doesn’t share his feelings he still asks her to love him. Janaki pleads him to leave her. Chanti's friends (Ali and Saptagiri) who are watching this, misunderstand that she is asking him to get married to her. So they plan to unite them by kidnapping both Janaki and Chanti on the day of her marriage. Their friends take them to Kerala. Janaki's father and his men finally find them in Kerala and bring them to their village. The story forwards to two years. What happens then?

Artistes’ Performances:
Although the film is debut for Naga Anvesh, facing the camera is not new for him. He is a well-known child artiste. In his first film as hero, Naga Anvesh is decent. His role requires to exhibit timidness and innocence and he definitely has put a good show. Beyond that there is nothing much to say.

Kruthika is okay. She has looks but hardly impresses. There is no glamour quotient either. Nor her characterization is strong to make any impression. Prakash Raj has played inconsequential role. Brahmanandam, Saptagiri, RGV Shankar, and Ali have lengthy episodes but the laughs are few. Some episodes involving RGV Shankar are funny.

Technical Excellence:
Cinematography and production values are the ones that have worked in this film. Senior cameraman Rasool Ellore has captured the lush green locales of village beautifully and brought some richness to the otherwise dull proceedings. Music by Anup Rubens is total disappointment. None of the songs are noteworthy. Editing is improper. The movie needs lots of trimming. Dialogues are clichéd.


  • Cinematography


  • Predictable Storyline
  • Old style narration
  • Lethargic pace
  • Bad music
  • Silly sequences

Director G Ram Prasad directed hit film "Chirunavvutho" a decade and half ago but later his films started failing. He clearly is not in sync with today's narrative style. His boring narration puts us into slumber.

When the story is wafer thin (written by some Ezhil), atleast narration should be engrossing. But the writers and director have thrown in silly comedy scenes by 'Pahilwan Pathan' Brahmanandam, Saptagiri, and Ali just to prolong the film.

The romantic track between Naga Anvesh and Kruthika is short compared to the length occupied by these comedy actors. There is no emotional appeal too. Hero proposing the girl even when she is not interested is silly and immature.

It is a tiresome experience to watch this movie. Definitely not an appropriate vehicle for debutant Naga Anvesh’s launch. He and his father, producer 'Sindhura Puvvu' Krishna Reddy should have worked on a novel storyline with punch.

Bottomline: Stale as spoilt milk!

(Venkat can be reached venkat@greatandhra.com or https://twitter.com/greatandhranews)

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