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'Varna' Review: Confusing And Perplexing

'Varna' Review: Confusing And Perplexing

Film: Varna
Rating: 0.5/5
PVP Pictures
Cast: Anushka, Arya, Farouq, Sathyan Sivakumar, Ashok Kumar and others
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Background Score: Anirudh 
Cinematographer: Ramji
Editor: Kola Bhaskar
Director: Sri Raghava
Producer: Potluri Prasad
Release date: 22/11/2013
Director Sri Raghava known for his hit movies like ‘7G Brindavanam Colony’ ‘Adavari Matalaku Ardhaalu Verule’ has now arrived with a rather unusual subject. Whether it is good enough or not, let us see.
Set on the backdrop of two different worlds, in our world there is Ramya (Anushka) who admires Madhu (Arya) a kind hearted man. She expresses her feelings but he doesn’t accept it. Eventually he starts liking her and begins wooing her. In the other world, there is Varna (Anushka) who is a fiercely independent girl but liked by one man (Arya) strongly. After some time, Ramya accepts Madhu’s proposal but a twist occurs. What is that twist and how things change from there forms the rest of the story.
Arya did an okay job in the double role though he looked pale in the other world role. He tried his best to bring intensity wherever possible but in vain.

Anushka has begun to look a little old and since she had a grumpy face most of the time, her impact was not much. Most importantly, her character was not at all etched convincingly.
Ashok Kumar got a meaty role and he did his best. The others were there to fill the screen.

  • Computer graphics


  • Ridiculous storyline
  • Pathetic narration
  • Slow pace
  • Confusing second half
  • Bizarre backdrop

Storytelling is an art and if one has to do it with the aid of technology and modern day graphics then it gets even more interesting. The fact that it is Sri Raghava leading this project set a good standard of expectation. This is despite the fact that he has a streak of eccentricity which is always seen in his films. 

This film which was originally commenced years ago and from thereon it went through different changes in cast and crew to finally arrive now. Well, it was not really worth the wait for.  The list of questions are many but here are a few for Raghava- what was he trying to convey? Where exactly is the story? Is there a plot to it? What is the purpose behind making this film? To give few grace points, he used his imagination and came up with fantasy planets (albeit with humans like us) and creatures which are quite robotic. For those who have seen ‘Avatar’ all this is nothing. 

Anyways, coming back to the point, without proper clarity on what the film is meant for Sri Raghava seems to have gone by an instinct and kept modifying it now and then. The film takes off on a good note but with each passing minute the energy levels dip and drain you out. A big damage was done by the dialogues which sounded quite old school. The background score did the final damage of nailing the coffin by providing tunes used in video games. A couple of songs are impressive but of no use with this spoiled narration. 

The interval break leaves the audience in utter confusion. Things were expected to improve in the second half but unfortunately it got worse and the climax did the wrap up job of ensuring every viewer has enough bumps on the head with blank thoughts. There is no clue what the producers saw in the story, no idea why Anushka saw potential. 

All in all, this is one mess of a product but a good lesson to filmmakers on how not to make a film.
Bottomline: VARNAnaateetam

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