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'Tiger' Review: A Tale Of Two Friends

'Tiger' Review: A Tale Of Two Friends

Movie: Tiger
Rating: 3/5
NVR Cinema
Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Rahul Ravindran, Seerat Kapoor, Saptagiri, Tagubothu Ramesh and others
Dialogues: Abburi Ravi
Cinematography: Chota K Naidu
Editor: Chota K Prasad
Music: S S Thaman
Producer:  N V Prasad
Presents: Tagore Madhu
Story, Screenplay and Direction: I V Anand
Release Date: June 26th, 2015

When two of the biggest producers of Tollywood team up to produce a small film, the movie is bound to raise expectations. 'Tiger' had generated enough buzz even while it was on the sets. Sundeep Kishan who is delivering hits regularly has starred in the film along with handsome actor Rahul Raveendran. Added to that, some top technicians have worked in this film. So, how has ‘Tiger’ fared up finally? Let’s find out…

The film starts off in 1999 in Rajamundry. Tiger (Sundeep Kishan) and Vishnu (Rahul Ravindran) are orphans in Rajamundry. Both are thick friends and live in their happy world. A childless couple adopt Vishnu. Vishnu lives a different life with his new found parents. The film snaps to the present…

Vishnu is now a college going guy. For some reason he tells a lie to his friends that he has a girlfriend named Ganga, who lives in Varanasi. In a coincidence, Ganga enters the very same college for further studies returning from Beneras Hindu University. After some minor scuffles, Vishnu and Ganga become good friends. And they also fall in love. 

Post college they join software firms in Hyderabad. Tiger also comes to Hyderabad to meet Vishnu. Differences crop between the two friends because of Ganga. Matters get worse and friends part ways. Ganga suddenly leaves Hyderabad and goes back to Benares. Vishnu is flabbergasted with all these happenings and goes in search of Ganga. As he reaches Benares he is attacked!

What happens next? Who attacks him? What is Ganga's story? Will Tiger rescue his best buddy Vishnu?

Artistes’ Performances:
Of the performances, Sundeep Kishan excels in his role of a small town guy who does anything for his friend. His diction of Godavari slang and his expressions in emotional moments are enough to showcase his talent. However, his character sketch is not at all novel and he has also gone overboard sometimes. He should be commended for doing a role that doesn't have lady pair.

Rahul Ravindran plays all-important role and has duets with Seerat Kapoor but he has limited space. Seerat Kapoor who first appeared in 'Run Raja Run' is okay.

Among other cast, Taguboth Ramesh in a hospital scene does evoke some laughs and Saptagiri in another comedy sequence gets registered. Tanikella Bharani as correspondent of orphanage is good. 

Technical Excellence:    
Tiger is richly filmed with able camerawork by Chota K Naidu. The locations of Varanasi and Rajamundry have been shot well.

While the film's music by S S Thaman is nothing great to write about, it's the film's background music that helps the film sail through. There is one engaging musical theme bit that has effectively been used by Thaman to enhance the action proceedings. Among the songs, 'Samaya Samaya' is pleasant. 

Editing by Chota K Prasad and artwork by Ramanjaneyulu are decent. 


  • Second half
  • Beautiful locations of Banaras
  • Cinematography
  • Background Music


  • Inconsistency in the narration
  • Silly comedy
  • Unnecessary tracks 

A tale of two friends in the backdrop of Benaras, Hyderabad and Rajamundry cities, 'Tiger' is supposedly based on a real life incident happened in India.

Tamil director I V Anand has written and directed this film with the subject of honor killings. But the focus is more on the friendship between Sundeep and Rahul, the heroism of Sundeep. Dialogues aimed at frontbenchers in key scenes stand out. 

Narration goes on rapid pace with just about two hours plus runtime, yet it has many low moments. 

Some novel inclusions in the movie are Sundeep not having a heroine and introducing him in the film at 25th minute, both of these are unique in a commercial entertainer.

Inconsistencies in the narration mar the proceedings. Romantic track between Rahul Ravindran and Seerat Kapooor is shot in unimaginative way to say the least and the portion is hurriedly wrapped up. Also, a lot of focus is put on the parents who adopt Rahul in the beginning of the film but they are nowhere to be seen in the rest of the movie.  

The plot by and large is predictable, yet the climax turns out to be interesting and has some interesting dialogues about parents, caste system and real love. Can fairly say, climax scenes are dealt in better way than the rest of the film.

Although some jokes on the attitude of software professionals have generated good laughs, better comedy sequences should have been included to make the movie even more appealing. 

The director has tried to present the film in different way in the end; 'Tiger' turns out to be a commercial action movie.

Bottomline: Some Good Lines

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