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The Goat Life Review: Survival Story

The Goat Life Review: Survival Story

Movie: The Goat Life – Aadu Jeevitham
Rating: 2.75/5
Visual Romance Image Makers
Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Amala Paul, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Shobha Mohan, KR Gokul, and others
Music: A. R. Rahman
DOP: Sunil K. S.
Editor: A. Sreekar Prasad
Screenplay and Directed by: Blessy
Release Date: March 28, 2024

Malayalam star Prithviraj Sukumaran, who recently played Prabhas' friend Deva in "Salaar," has promoted his pan-Indian film, Aadu Jeevitham, in Hyderabad as well. Several celebrities attended the film's premiere shows.

Let's find out if the film is indeed a commendable attempt.

Nazeeb (Prithviraj Sukumaran) leaves his pregnant wife (Amala Paul) at home and travels to Saudi Arabia in search of better opportunities. Upon arrival at the airport with his friend Hakeem, they discover that the company's officials have not shown up to receive them.

Unable to communicate with others due to a lack of proficiency in Hindi or English, they feel bewildered. After several hours, an Arab man approaches them and offers them a ride in his jeep.

Assuming he is from the company, they accept, only to realize later that they have been deceived. Nazeeb is taken to one location in the desert, while Hakeem is taken to another. They are forced into slavery and assigned to tend to goats.

After spending several years in servitude, they hatch a plan to escape with the help of an African laborer (Jimmy Jean-Louis). Will their plan succeed?

Artistes’ Performances:
Prithviraj's outstanding performance is the highlight. His dedication is evident in every scene. In the latter part of the story, he portrays a thin physique, having shed numerous kilograms for this specific episode. His sincere performance effectively conveys the pain of Nazeeb. Prithviraj's acting is deserving of an award.

KR Gokul, in his role as Prithviraj's friend, also delivers an excellent performance. Jimmy Jean-Louis excels in his pivotal role. Despite having minimal dialogue, he delivers a convincing portrayal.

Technical Excellence:
The cinematography is remarkable. The desert sequences are breathtaking. We feel as if we have been transported to the Arabian desert thanks to the excellent cinematography.

The background score by AR Rahman enhances the harrowing experience the protagonist goes through.

The editing lacks precision. It not only has a slower pace, but also possesses an excessive duration.

The basic story
Prithviraj’s stunning performance
Breathtaking desert visuals

Slow narration
Lengthy runtime

"The Goat Life, aka Aadu Jeevitham" is based on a Malayalam novel written by the writer Benyamin, based on a true incident. Kerala is known for people migrating to Gulf countries in quest of work. While many Kerala folk own large malls and businesses and have been settled well in Saudi Arabia, there are also several workers who have been duped or coerced into slavery.

The film tells the story of an individual whose hopes for a better life were dashed after being forced into slavery in Saudi Arabia.

The story has only one line: a man's struggle to return to India after being tricked in Saudi Arabia and forced into slavery. The initial portion effectively depicts Nazeeb's move to Saudi Arabia, his life back home, and his challenges to converse with Arabs. The first half of the film is entirely dedicated to setting up the drama. The second half of the film focuses on the protagonist's struggles to escape from this entrapment.

It is difficult for anyone to escape from the vast desert on foot. So, how do the protagonist and his friend overcome the many challenges that the desert throws at them? 

The second half of the film not only contains beautiful vistas of the desert, but it also depicts how hard the two companions struggled in the desert, and their survival struggles make us feel their pain.

The extended drama concerning their escape is both exciting and also tiring. The images and dramatic performances are excellent. However, the slow and protracted drama is frustrating.

This is a humane narrative. But it is difficult to fathom that a Muslim man does not even grasp basic Hindi.

Overall, "The Goat Life Aadu Jeevitham" features Prithviraj's outstanding performance and stunning desert scenery. But it's more of an art film. Despite its excellent intentions, watching this survival drama requires patience because it moves slowly.

Bottom line: Different

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