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‘Takita Takita’ Review: Thematically Weak-Musically Brilliant

‘Takita Takita’ Review: Thematically Weak-Musically Brilliant
Film: Takita Takita
Rating: 2.75/5
Downtown Films
Cast: Harshavardhan Rane, Trinetrudu, Haripriya, Aditi, Eva, Bhakti, Cochin Haneefa, M S Narayana, Bhumika, Samrat, Siva Prasad, Waheeda, Biju Menon, Nagarjuna and Anushka (guest appearance) etc
Dialogues: BVS Ravi
Music: Bobo Shashi
Cinematography: K K Senthil
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Story, screenplay, direction: Srihari Nanu
Producers: Bharat Thakur, Bhumika
Release date: 03/09/2010
The glowing beauty Bhumika Chawla along with her hubby Bharat Thakur came up with their maiden production venture. This also launches the career of few talented youngsters.
A youthful treat, the story begins with a group of friends Sridhar (Harshavardhan), Chandana (Haripriya), Nandini (Aditi), Mahesh (Trinetrudu), Bhakti (Bhakti), Jessica (Eva), Kishore, Scud.
Each of them have their own stories and in between that is the unexpressed love track of Sri and Chandana, Bhakti and Mahesh, Nandini is in love with Kishore.
They all finish their college exams and are all set to take on the life with full energy but then life has its own twists and turns for them and this in turn gives them an experience which is unforgettable and memorable. What are those experiences? Who has a happy ending and who doesn’t forms the rest of the story..
Harshavardhan looks handsome and he has performed well in the dance front and emotional sequences. He has a glint of mischief in his eyes which will make him a youth icon if he chooses his roles well in the future.
Haripriya is the best among the lot. She scores the brownie points with her naturally beautiful looks, her graceful dance moves, her innocent expressions and versatility in different scenes.
Aditi was alright, Bhakti was energetic and looks dynamic, Trinetrudu was natural and does his bit well, the actor doing the role of Scud had a funny face and he makes his presence felt, the actor who did the role of Kishore was alright, Eva’s role was not etched well.
Bhumika is looking younger by the day, she is glowing as usual, Samrat was brief but good, Cochin Haneefa was apt, M S Narayana gave few smiles, both Nag and Anushka did their bit as required. Siva Prasad was good. The others didn’t have much scope.
Production Values
Hari Priya
Story line
The film is basically an attempt to come up with a subtle comedy on life’s challenges. However, the director has failed miserably in conceiving it onto the screen though the idea is good. The major flaw lies in the screenplay and the sequencing of the scenes was quite disjointed due to which the audience finds it hard to connect and go with the flow.
The real highlights of the film are the songs, the production values, the music and Haripriya. On the flip side, the weak direction and poor handling of the script gives a blow to the outcome.
Despite the presence of some high caliber technicians like Senthil, Marthand K Venkatesh and others, the director was unable to extract the best out of the film and this gives a stale effect for the audience.
First half of the movie is not gelling well while the second half is pleasing to some extent with some real content. The last few minutes are impressive.
The film could have been better if the foundation was strong and now so the chances of scoring a success are in question. Credit must be given to producer for not compromising in any aspect of production.
Bottom-line: Could have been better
Reviewed by Venkat Arikatla ([email protected])