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'Singh Is Kinng': Audience Are Slaves

'Singh Is Kinng': Audience Are Slaves
Film: Singh is Kinng
Banner: Adlabs
Rating: 2/5

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Neha Dhupia, Javed Jaffrey, Yashpal Sharma, Om Puri, Kiron Kher etc
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Mayur Puri
Camera: Ben Knott, Sanjay F Gupta
Screenplay: Anees Bazmee, Suresh Nair
Production: Vipul Amruthlal Shah
Direction: Anees Bazmee
Released On: 8th Aug 2008
The title says 'Singh is Kinng'. And indeed audiences proved to be slaves bearing the rotten narration, weak dialogues and dull drama that tried to be hyper active.
Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) is a villager who leads a hyper active life. People in the village get pestered by his playful acts. Rangeela Singh (Om Puri) is another villager who faces several problems due to Happy Singh. An old couple on the village gets worried about their son Lucky Singh (Sonu Sood) who lives abroad. Villagers send Happy and Rangeela together to bring Lucky back from Australia. Those two countrymen start from a Punjab village and reach Delhi Airport. In serendipity, the boarding passes of these two will be changed with other two passengers whose destiny was Egypt. Thus Happy Singh and Rangeela Singh land in Egypt and there the immigration staff knows that some mistake has happened. They purchase tickets for them for Australia and also give a one day permission to roam Egypt. Thus Happy finds Sonia (Katrina) there and falls in her love in the same day. And the day comes to an end and takes Happy and Rangeela to Australia. There they find Lucky to be a rich gangster who rules Australian mafia. Happy brings change in him and his gang and transforms them good human beings to bring back to Punjab. How he brings about that change, who else forms a source to bring a change in them, and finally how Happy meets Sonia again to get married to her forms the major element of the theme.
Akshay Kumar is at his best as usual. His stunts are impressive in many frames. Katrina Kaif and Neha Dhupia have spelled enough of oomph factor.
Yashpal Sharma tried some comedy with serious characterization of Pankaj Uddhaas. Sonu Sood is ok in his role as Lucky and 'Ungli Baba'. Om Puri is used for humor factor and this senior actor did his best. Kiron Kher flashes for some time with her sensible old age glamour. Javed Jaffrey couldn't spill laughs although tried with a blind character.
Cinematography deserves kudos. Music deserves commendation. Canning of songs in Egypt is aesthetic.
Screenplay is good but scene composition and dialogues would have been better. Anees Bazmee made a very average attempt.
It's a overboard effort with an investment of about Rs 70 Cr. Technically the film is made as a rich treat but there is no enough of entertainment that appeals majority audiences. The so-called entertainment that was shown in this is an old rotten childish stuff. The film can be called worth watching just for Akshay Kumar's stunts and the glamour treat by Katrina and Neha Dhupia. There is nothing to watch more than this. And Snoop Dog's rap song was placed after the film during rolling titles. It was said that about Rs 5 Cr was spent on that single song. Neither the richness nor the importance is seen for that song. Moreover the placement of that number during rolling titles at the end is a mere waste where no one could watch and the projectors are generally switched off by that time. Director Anees Bazmee failed in planning those fundamental logistics.
Akshay Kumar is generally acting in the films claiming sympathy in love matters. The film 'Namaste London' would definitely strike the memories of every one while watching this movie. But Namaste London was made in a sensible way touching the emotions in right manner. And 'Singh is Kinng' is attempted in lighter note where required thump is not seen due to lack of punch in dialogues and content.
Films like 'Welcome' and 'Singh is Kinng' are being targeted at transforming villains into good at the end instead of putting a routine violent end for them. The same formula was followed by Srinu Vaitla in Telugu film 'Ready'. To sum up, the film 'Singh is Kinng' would have been a better movie had it been focused on content and presentation. We have to see how far the numerology that made spelling of 'King' as 'Kinng' in the title would help the business of this movie.
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