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'Routine Love Story' Review: Routine Second Half!

'Routine Love Story' Review: Routine Second Half!

Rating: 2.75/5
Working Dream Production
Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Vennela Kishore, Chandramohan and others
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematographer: Suresh Bhargav
Editor: Dharmendra
Director: Praveen Sattaru
Producer: Chanakya Booneti
Release date: 23/11/2012

After scoring good marks for his performance in the film ‘Prasthanam’, Sundeep Kishan is back and this time he has paired up with Regina of ‘SMS’ fame. Let us see how the film is

Sanju (Sundeep) is a college going student who sees Tanvi (Regina) at college and it is love at first sight for him though he doesn’t admit it openly.

But few incidents happen and they become friends. But Tanvi understands Sanju’s intentions and puts a condition that they must get to know each other first. They go for a trip to Ladakh and an incident brings Tanvi closer to Sanju. They enter into a relationship but life has its own way of testing it. Both also have their share of differences and breakup.

But whether the facts of life win over their love or vice versa forms the rest of the story.

Sundeep Kishan has shown his versatility as an actor and he has fitted into the role well. This was more of a performance driven role without any dance or fight and he did that nicely.

Regina Cassandra is one girl to watch out for. She will strike it big if she plans her future moves carefully. She is sweet, sexy, naughty and very natural with her performance.

Sundeep’s friends such as Snigdha and the other two lads did their bit as required. Vennela Kishore was hilarious. Chandramohan, Kavitha, Rallapalli, Hema, M S Narayana were the senior actors who contributed effectively. Jhansi and Sanjay Reddy were interesting. One should watch the ‘Upadesam’ from Sanjay to Sundeep. The actor who did the role of ‘Thulasi’ was excellent. Tagubothu Ramesh was effective.


  • Regina
  • Cinematography
  • Songs


  • Second half
  • Climax

To say frankly, it is yet another routine love story. For, it has all the elements of such a hackneyed theme – couple falling in love, separated due to ego clashes, united again only to fall apart due to misunderstanding and finally getting united. But , the director made an attempt to show in a little different way and to some extent, he succeeded in his efforts. But after certain stage, the director failed to take it forward and was forced to end it abruptly.

The first half of the film is decent and entertaining. The director effectively reflected the feelings of the present day youth, their ideology and their approach towards love and life. Though the momentum is missing at certain places, but the first half could keep the audiences in their seats. However, the director failed to maintain the tempo in the second half, because he did not adequate material in the story. As a result, the film goes off the track. The efforts to incorporate the comedy track that deviate the film from the main story line proved a miserable failure. In fact, audiences get irritated with M S Narayana’s Jangam Mein Mangal comedy and Tagubothu Ramesh episode. So was the silent lover character of Regina also had an overdose of comedy, which failed to add any value to the story narration.

Even in the climax, there was no clarity and it gave an impression that the director had no clue how to end the film. May be the film will have connect with Multiplex audiences and urban youth to some extent, but it is highly unlikely that the film would go down well with the audiences in other centres. Even for the targeted audiences, “Routine Love Story” will give an “average film” feeling, as it is not a full-length comedy film like “Love Failure” or “LBW.”

No doubt, the director has made an effort to present something new to the audience, but unfortunately it does not have enough material to attract huge crowds to the theatres.  It had to face the same “second-half” troubles, which are being felt by most of the Telugu films these days. As a result, it would end up with “just OK” tag.
Bottomline: Just OK

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