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Review: This 'Potugadu' is out of control!

Review: This 'Potugadu' is out of control!

Rating: 2.5/5
Ramalakshmi Cine Creations
Cast: Manchu Manoj, Sakshi Chowdary, Simran Kaur, Anu Priya, Rechal, Posani, Raghu Babu and Others
Dialogues: Sridhar
Music: Atchu
Cinematographer: Srikanth
Producer: Sirisha Sridhar
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Pawan
Release Date: 14th Sep, 2013

Mohan Babu’s son Manchu Manoj has been trying to work in films which are different from the regular formula films. Though he did have a couple of successes, he hasn’t hit big time. Unfortunately, he has had more flops than hits. So, in his latest attempt, he has acted in the remake of Kannada film 'Govindaya Namah'. Pawan, who directed the Kannada version has also directed the Telugu version.

Govindu goes to a suicide spot to commit suicide. Here, he meets a software engineer (Posani) who tells about his failed love story. In his story, Govindu tells why he wants to commit suicide.

Initially, when he started acting, there was ease in the way Manoj projected himself on screen. But over a period of time, the ease transformed into over action. This was obvious in Mr Nookayya and Oo Kodatara Ulikki Padataara. If one thought this was because his directors had no control over him, then one is mistaken. Watching him in Potugadu, it is obvious that Manoj seems to have no control over himself. As the film is supposed to be a comedy of sorts, he goes overboard in just about every frame. Watching him overdo in every frame is frustrating to say the least.

Trying to do his own stunts and realistic acting are surely his strong points, but this is overshadowed by his constant efforts to do something ‘different’. Though he is not a bad actor, he tires you by not knowing where to stop. He also tries to imitate his father and this is another drawback to his acting. It’s time he decides what kind of audience he wants to attract and how.

Though the film has four heroines, there is nothing to write home about them. The love story of Posani and the parody songs picturised on him might attract the mass audience.

Technical Team:
Two songs from the Kannada version have been directly used in the film. Music by Achu is a huge plus for the movie. The background score is also good. One is left wondering why Achu hasn’t got the big break as yet. Cinematography and editing are up to the mark. Though it is a low budget flick, the director ensured that each frame looks rich. The dialogue writer tried his best to come up with witty dialogues. Instead, he ends up filling up the entire first half with double meaning dialogues.

The director narrates a simple story with good speed. There are times when the comedy scenes work out well. However, it is for the director to get the best out of his lead actor and this is where he fails badly.


  • Songs (all of them are good)
  • Length (Exactly two hours)


  • Manchu Manoj’s over action
  • Silly climax scene

Since it is meant to be a comedy, it’s better one leaves logic behind. The hero has four love stories. There is a song with each of the heroines, post which he breaks up with them. In short, that’s the story of Potugadu. Though the director opens the film interestingly, he fails to include equally interesting sub-plots.

Though the entire is to make a comedy, there is not one scene which makes you laugh heartily. So, they relied upon double entendre dialogues, which could be liked by a certain section of the audience. The twist before the climax is good. However, the director messes up the plot in the name of comedy.

While we can understand the hero turning a new leaf towards the end, the whole effort to make him look good is lame.

However, the film progresses at a brisk pace and ends in two hours. That is a huge plus for the movie. Otherwise, one would have had to suffer Manoj’s excesses for a longer time and that would have negatively impacted the film. Those who can tolerate ‘loud comedy’ and bear Manoj’s over action, can watch Potugadu once. Given that it’s a low budget flick with double meaning dialogues and good music, it might end up being a safe film at the box office. It is what one can term as an ‘ok’ movie. Surely, you won’t miss anything in case you decide to skip watching it!

Bottomline: Watch it at your own risk!

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