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'Remo' Review: Hot Chemistry, Dull Stuff!

'Remo' Review: Hot Chemistry, Dull Stuff!

Movie: Remo
Rating: 2.5/5
24Am Studios
Cast: Siva Karthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh and others
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography: P C Sriram
Producers: Dil Raju
Story and Direction: Bakkiyaraj Kannan
Release date: November 25, 2016

'Remo' is one of the biggest hits in Kollywood and it established the movie's hero Siva Karthikeyan as a top hero. So Dil Raju has bought the movie to bring it to Telugu audiences.

As the movie is presented by Dil Raju and it stars Keerthy Suresh as heroine, it created good interest. Let's see how the film has fared.

Siva's (Siva Karthikeyan) dream is to become a movie star. He also falls for a beautiful Doctor. For many days he follows Dr Kavya (Keerthy Suresh) but is unable express his feelings due to some incident. Few days later he gets chance to act in a top director's movie. The role is of a female nurse.

He turns into that getup and meets Dr Kavya again and gets introduced to her as Remo. Thinking he is a lady, she becomes friends with him. What happens then? How would he propose to her being in lady getup?

Artistes’ Performances:
Siva Karthikeyan has done decent job in both shades of his character. Although he has gone overboard while performing in getup of lady, overall he is decent.

Keerthy Suresh is cute. Rest of the actors are not known to us, and they are okay. 

Technical Excellence: 
The film has top line technicians and the quality is quite visible. Veteran cinematographer P C Sriram's camera has brought rich look to the movie. Anirudh's music and background score are superb. Art work and production values are top class.

Keerthi Suresh
Decent first half

Dull Second half
Lack of nativity
Full of Tamil flavour

Siva Karthikeyan, a big name in Kollywood, is new to the Telugu audiences. So this film introduces us to his style of acting.

The basic story of the movie lacks novelty, as it has been dealt in many of our Telugu movies like "Chitram Bhale Vichitram", "Madam", etc.

A hero appearing as a lady for one important reason in his life is not at all new. But for Siva Karthikeyan, this is first. So, it seems the movie has worked in Tamil for this precise reason. 

For a normal Telugu audience, this film's story doesn't excite although the first half is interesting and entertaining. The live-wire acting of Siva Karthikeyan and charming presence of Keerthy Suresh coupled with good technical values provide enough entertainment till the interval. Later the movie turns bland leaving us restless.

Many scenes are beaten to death. So predictably hero loves heroine who is already engaged, and the guy she got engaged to turns out to be bad guy. In how many movies we have seen this thread? That is the drawback here. And the second half drags on.

Even in the first half, what works is not the story or screenplay but the chemistry between the lead pair. Keerthy Suresh is gorgeous in the film. And Siva Karthikeyan's comic timing is perfect that also works.

All in all, 'Remo' is a typical romantic drama that lacks any novelty except hero being in a getup of a woman.

Bottom-line: Routine Remo!



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