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'Raja Rani' Review: Marital Woes

'Raja Rani' Review: Marital Woes

Movie: Raja Rani
Rating: 3/5
A R Murgadas Productions
Cast: Aarya, Nayanthara, Satyaraj, Santanam and Others
Music: G V Prakash Kumar
Editor: Ruben
Cinematographer: George C Williams
Producer: Muragadas
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Aatly
Release Date: March 14th, 2014

The film made by director Atli has been well-received in Tamil. It’s the second film that stars Nayanatara and Arya. Though many had wanted to remake the film, this is the dubbed version.

There will be love after love failure is the theme of this film. Both Nayanatara and Arya fail in love, but find love all over again after marriage. After knowing about each other’s past, love happens between them, but they do not confess the same to each other. Finally, how they realize love and how they start all over again is the crux of the story.

Artistes’ Performance:
The film is proof of Nayantara’s mature acting skills. She performs well as the woman caught between her lover who leaves her and a husband who does not like her. In fact she almost makes herself irreplaceable with her acting and fits the character perfectly. Arya suits such characters well. Both Jai and Nazriya put in adequate performances. There is not much scope for Santanam’s comedy.

Techinical Performance:
Music by Prakash Kumar is average. Due to dubbing, the songs fail to impress. But the background score is good. The editor had left a lot of unwanted clippings unedited, so the film goes on for more than 2 hours 40 minutes. But the cinematography is really good.

The director has included various scenes from real life. The film has a good message for couples who can start afresh after love failure. For those who think modern films are vulgar, it is an eye opener.


  • Nayanatara Performance
  • Concept


  • Length
  • Songs

The plot has four people and three love stories. The director tried to show how two people who have failed in love lead their lives after marriage. He tries to show how they get along with life even though they cannot adjust with each other. The film is a good example of new-age love stories reminiscent of Mani Ratnam’s Mouna Ragam.

The story could have been on an emotional roller-coaster ride. But the director manages to handle it in a lighter vein. Their background love story is entertaining too, so the film does not bore you one bit.

However towards the end, the director fills the film with routine scenes. Arya and Nayanatara falling for each other and finding it rather difficult to tell each other the same makes up for the climax of the film. However, going to the airport in the end makes for a routine ending. By now, the director fails to show anything new after that. Instead of wrapping up the film quickly, the director stretches it a bit too far. And the final touch is the appearance of Nayantara’s boyfriend towards the end.

The film will go well with A Centre audiences. But one has to wait and watch how far the audience will connect to this movie.

Bottomline: This Raja Rani will steal our hearts.

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