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'Pyar Mein Padipoyane' Review: Passion-less Love Lore

'Pyar Mein Padipoyane' Review: Passion-less Love Lore

Movie: Pyar Mein Padipoyane
Rating: 2.5/5
Sri Satya Sai Arts
Cast: Adi, Sanvi, Kasi Viswanath, Tagubothu Ramesh, Saptagiri, Vennela Kishore and Others
Music: Anup Rubens
Editor: Krishna Reddy
Cinematographer: Surender Reddy
Producer: K K Radha Mohan
Stoty, Direction: Ravi Chavali
Release Date: May 10th, 2014

The film has an interesting title and it has the ‘Lovely’ pair in the lead. The makers have done some intense publicity and it is directed by Ravi Chavali, who had earlier directed films such as Daggaraga Dooranga and Sreemannarayana. Let’s see if the film can make it to the safe zone at the box office?

Chandra, who runs a music troupe in his college, falls in love with Yukti. It is love at first sight for him. Luckily for Chandra, Yukti joins his troupe as a singer and eventually falls in love with him. One day, Chandra realizes that he was instrumental in Yukti losing something that she cherishes in memory of her mother. Since then, he tries his best to hide the fact from Yukti. But Yukti finds out the truth. The rest of the movie shows what happens next.

Artistes’ Performance:
Aadi plays the tried and tested character with ease. In one scene, he even tries to imitate his real life father. But he needs to do more homework while doing comic and emotional scenes. Also, he seems to be working too hard to build six packs. One can already see the impact on his face. Given the image he has, it would be better if he analyses his chances before putting his body through such rigorous routine.

Sanvi suits her character. She emotes well in the emotional scene during the second half. She also manages to look glamourous in the songs.

Vennela Kishore irritates as the gay guy and Tagubotu Ramesh does another drunkard in the film. But Saptagiri does manage to leave his mark in the brief role.

Technical Expertise:
Since the story is music-based, it has more songs than the usual number. However, barring one or two songs, the rest of the songs are nothing much to write about. The picturisation of ‘I Love You’ and the title song is good. The background score is particularly good in emotional scenes.

Coming to cinematography by Surender Reddy, must say, it is quite good when compared to the standards of small films. One can make out that the producer Radha Mohan has spent quite a bit of money to give the film a rich look.

Ravi Chavali has tried his hand at making an entertaining love story and in the process he could neither whip up a beautiful love story nor an out and out entertainer. Unfortunately, there is no chemistry between the lead pair which is crucial for any love story. Instead of using various actors for comedy, he should have added comedy to every scene to make the movie more interesting.

Of late, making an entertainer vis-à-vis a mass film or a comedy has become rather tough as the audience’s expectations have changed. One has to give something different from the routine stuff to keep the audience glued. But Ravi Chavali has put together one routine shot after the other.


  • Title song
  • Few comedy scenes


  • Old storyline
  • Irritating first half

If a director wants to make a love story, he should be confident of taking the audience along on the journey. They must be able to feel the love and they must feel the emotions of separation and reunion. A few directors are rather good at striking the right chord with the audience. As for others, they must stay away from such subjects unless they are extremely confident of creating a beautiful love story.

In case of Ravi Chavali, he fails to show the passion that sets a good love story apart from mundane ones. There is no strong reason behind the lead pair falling in love. He also doesn’t bother to throw in very many romantic moments between them. Similarly, he has a rather weak reason to show conflict between the lead pair. Naturally, he fails to create an emotional drama that the audience can relate to. To make up for this, he tries to use comedy to keep the audience entertained. But the scenes fail to leave the audience in splits.

In fact, some scenes remind the audience of the ’80s directors. Since it’s a love story, one already knows how the story will end. So, it is up to the director to make the journey as interesting as possible. But Ravi Chavali simply wraps up in a hurry with random scenes. The second half is definitely better than the first half. A few songs and certain scenes help the film from falling flat.

Had the director showed the tension and passion in the right measures, it would have helped the film in a big way. Though the story had the potential, the director fails to make the narration interesting. This will surely work against the film.

Bottomline: Not worth the fall!

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