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'PSV Garuda Vega' Review: Engaging Thriller

'PSV Garuda Vega' Review: Engaging Thriller

Movie: PSV Garuda Vega 126.18 M
Rating: 3/5
Jyostar Enterprises
Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Aadith, Shraddha Das, Sunny Leone,  Kishore, Avasarala Srinivas, Ali, Nassar, Posani, Prudvi, Sayeji Shinde, Ravi Verma, Charan Deep and others
Cinematography: Anji
Music: Sricharan Pakala and Bheems
Producer: M Koteshwara Raju
Written and directed by: Praveen Sattaru
Release date: November 3, 2017

'PSV Garuda Vega' has been in the news lately as the comeback movie of Dr Rajasekhar. The film has generated lot of positive buzz and enough curiosity with its stunning trailers. 

Also the movie has Sunny Leone doing a mass number, this elevated the interest further. Does this film give the much needed break to Rajasekhar? Let's find out.

A woman is killed randomly. An accident happens. These two incidents are inter-linked, suspects NIA Officer Chandrasekhar (Rajasekhar). Then it is revealed that a gang is after a hacker who has some secret data. 

The hacker (Aadith) demands Rs 10 Cr from the gang and when they are about to exchange the money at a public place, NIA team gets the information that a bomb has been planted at a rally. They zero in on the location and diffuse the bomb and also nab the hacker. 

The hacker has information about a scam on nuclear technology. How Sekhar and his team expose the real guys behind this scam and save the country is what the film is all about.

Artistes’ Performances:
In his comeback, Rajasekhar has shown the same verve that he used to possess. The role is tailor-made for him. Despite age, Rajasekhar has given it his best shot to the cop character. He gives very subtle performance. 

Aadith in the role of hacker is perfect. Pooja Kumar of Vishwaroopam does the same wife role. She is okay. 

Shraddha Das appears in a guest role. Kishore as main villain has limited screen time. All comedians have failed in the movie.

Technical Excellence: 
The major highlight of the movie is its making values and its high-class visuals and stunts. Some of the action stunts are on par with A-class Bollywood movies. The feel and look is classy.

Cinematography is first rate and the action sequences are out rightly excellent. Cinematographer and action choreographer’s work is most impressive. Background score is also apt. 

Editing is the major issue. The movie has 2 hour 40 minutes of runtime. It needs lot of trimming.

Riveting first half
Making values
Stunning action stunts

Poor comedy
Pooja-Rajasekhar scenes

Dr Rajasekhar has made many attempts to come back into form, but in vain. He has finally selected a story and role that suits his age and body language. 

The moment we settle into the seats, "PSV Garuda Vega" gives the feel that we are going to watch a different thriller. The director arrests you with his slick presentation. 

After a bit of a bad start with the scenes between Rajasekhar and Pooja Kumar, the director changes gears and puts it on a riveting mode. Thereafter, it is a thrill ride till the interval bang. The way interval point reaches should be commended. 

The bomb-tracking sequence on hand and Rajasekhar nabbing the hacker on the other is dealt with finesse.

On surface, it is a simple line -- an NIA officer on a mission to nab criminals, but director has mounted this line on a large scale with elements of nuclear technology theft. 

The character of Aadith is similar to that of Akshara Haasan in recently released 'Vivegam' but here Praveen Sattaru has weaved it differently and has made the character all-important.

The lavishly shot action thrills in Georgia, Bangkok and North India have brought richness to the frames. Unlike in other recent action dramas, here the action pieces are realistic and stylish.

Except for Pooja Kumar track and Prudhvi's boring role, first half of the movie is spotless. The film also moves on in a thrilling way post-interval but it also turns regular and pace slows down. Moreover, after all the heightened drama, the climax seems a bit of a joke. 

Kishore’s character turns a wimp despite all the hype around him in the early scenes. Also the director has taken too many cinematic liberties in the final portions. 

It is hard to believe that in a scam where entire top-ranking departments of Indian government are supposedly involved, behave in such shoddy manner. The other minus is the comic sequences.

If the second half of the film was narrated more tightly, it would have made the film even better.

On the whole, "PSV Garuda Vega" is a decent action thriller. It is a genre-specific action film with right story line and top-notch visuals and production values that may give new lease of life to Rajasekhar. 

Bottom-line: Comeback for Rajasekhar