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'Nandini Nursing Home' Review: Boredom

'Nandini Nursing Home' Review: Boredom

Movie: Nandini Nursing Home
Rating: 2/5
SVC Entertainments
Cast: Nawin, Nithya, Shravya, Shakalaka Shankar, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Vennela
Kishore, JP and others
Music: Achu Rajamani, Shekhar Chandra
Cinematography: Dasarathi Sivendra
Editor: Karthik Srinivas
Producers: Radha Kishore, Bikshamayya
Direction: P V Giri
Release date: October 21, 2016

When the news came out that Nawin, who has worked as editor for many movies, is debuting as hero, it created good buzz. He has earned good name for his slick and trendy editing in the industry. Moreover, he is son of actor Naresh.

So the movie has caught attention of the movie goers. So how has the film fared ? Let's analyse...

Chandu (Nawin) who studied M.A. gets job as a doctor in Nandini Nursing home under strange circumstances. Though he doesn’t know anything about medicine he manages to continue to do the job with the help of a worker in the hospital (Shakalaka Shankar).

One day he saves Nandini (Nithya), the hospital owner’s daughter, when elevator is stuck due to short circuit. He makes a good impression on Nandini. But he also has a past love story. When he was working in Vizag, he loves a girl Amulya (Swetha) who ditches him after few days. Hence he doesn’t take much interest in Nandini.

On the other hand, a patient dies due to his lack of knowledge in medicine. This leads to a major problem.

Artistes’ Performances:
Nawin in his debut attempt doesn’t make any impression either with his looks or acting. He lacks qualities to be a movie hero. His dialogue delivery is not at all good. Both the heroines are big minus to the movie. Neither of them have glamour appeal or acting skills.

Shakalaka Shankar and Vennela Kishore have provided some laughs in the first half. Sapthagiri is wasted.

Technical Excellence: 
The movie is shot in low standards. The camera work and editing is shabbily done. Couple of songs are good to hear.

Some jokes
Pre-interval scene

Amateurish direction
Boring screenplay
Silly comedy track stretched
Lacks complete logic
Mix of genres

“Nandini Nursing Home” begins as a comedy movie, then focuses on love track, then hints about horror elements, later ends on ghost angle.

The director seems to have confused how to tell this story as he has added all elements as per his convenience to run the story for more than two hours. Beating all the logic, the writer and director have made this movie in shabby way.

First and foremost, it is illogical to think that a nursing home owner who is also famous doctor easily trusts the hero who has not done MBBS and hands over the job of duty doctor.

As the title says, the movie mostly runs in the hospital, and it is shown that entire hospital runs on this doctor. The way hospital scenes are dealt is enough to tell how silly the direction is.

In a hospital room, Saptagiri runs a brothel because nobody suspects that one would run sex racket in a nursing home. A chain snatcher played by Vennela Kishore gets admitted in this hospital to escape from a police case with a self-made injury and hero treats him like a cow. 

Thinking that he is in coma, hero and Shakalaka Shankar do all kind of experiments on him. This is done as comedy which is stretched beyond a point. In the first half, we see all these scenes plus one silly love track between Nawin and Swetha.

The first half is bearable despite not much story happening but post interval it is the horror elements turns out to be real horror for us.

The ghost angle is revealed by the time we are tired of seeing these silly drama and then the climax sequences further tests our patience.

The film is out rightly poor attempt from the new director who seems to be as confused as the hero. For Naresh’s son, Nawin this is terrible launch. Overall, it is a illogical comedy of horrors.

Bottom-line: Poor Treatment!

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