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'Mugguru' Review: Outdated Tale

'Mugguru' Review: Outdated Tale

Rating: 1.5/5
Suresh Productions
Cast: Navadeep, Rahul, Srinivas Avasarala, Reemma Sen, Shraddha Das, Sanjjanaa and others
Music: Koti
Camera: Jawahar Reddy
Editing: K V Krishna Reddy
Story, screenplay, direction: V N Aditya
Producer: D Ramanaidu
Release date: 19/08/2011
Movie Mogul Ramanaidu has come up with this low budget flick and this one also marks the comeback of ‘Happy Days’ hero Rahul. Let us see how the film is.
A routine tale, the story begins with three friends Pavan, Maruti, Anji (Navadeep, Rahul, Srinivas) who are vagabonds and want to become rich overnight.

In this process, they decide to kidnap JP (Ahuti) a well known businessman from Malaysia. However, JP suffers a cardiac arrest and Pavan along with his group ends up rescuing him and admitting in the hospital. Touched by Pavan’s kindness, JP gives them a job in Malaysia and also gives word that their daughters Shalini, Yamini, Mohini (Shraddha, Sanjjanaa, Soumya) would get married to the three young men. He assigns the task of checking the credentials of the three men to Bade Miya (Ali).

The story takes a turn with the arrival of Bala Tripurasundari (Reemma) and the trio begin to escape. Who is Bala Tripurasundari? Are Pavan, Maruti, Anji successful in their attempts? All this forms the rest of the story.
Navadeep has always been known as a confident actor. Expressions, diction are his forte and with good energy levels, he proves himself as the hero among the three.
Rahul looks handsome and gives sincere efforts. If he can work on his dialogue delivery and expressions, it will polish him well.
Avasarala Srinivas doesn’t get even one scene to prove his mettle. He just has to go with the other two heroes.
Shraddha, Sanjjanaa, Soumya are nowhere near passing mark in acting. However, they compensated that by wearing skimpy outfits and giving a visual feast.
Sivaji was wasted in guest role. Reemma lost her charms as a heroine. Though Ali got a meaty role, he was not given scope to perform. Brahmanandam comes in the end to salvage the situation but in vain. Ahuti Prasad, Venu Madhav and others did their roles in routine manner.

  • It will require the help of ‘Mugguru’s team to fill this slot


  • This requires atleast three pages space

In an attempt to churn a comedy, the film turns out to be a tragedy.

First half goes in a mild manner with not a single moment of laughter and it goes into a twist before the interval bang.

Then comes the second half with a dreadful flashback which whiles away the time till climax.

The final stage has a funny villain entering and this culminates into a botched up climax. This results in severe torture to the audiences.

At the box office, the B, C centres might bring some openings due to the name of the banner and skin show of the leading ladies. Revenue can be got through satellite rights etc.

For the audience it will cost an additional Zandu Balm and lack of peace of mind for two hours.
Bottomline: If you are fixed to watch ‘Mugguru’, take three people along with you. They are compulsory to share your sorrows.

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