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'Mr Perfect' Review: Perfect With Slight Imperfection

'Mr Perfect' Review:  Perfect With Slight Imperfection

Rating: 3/5
Sri Venkateshwara Creations
Cast: Prabhas, Kajal, Taapsee, K Vishwanath, Prakashraj, Sayaji Shinde, Nasser, Murali Mohan, Brahmanandam, Raghu Babu, Master Bharat etc
Music: Devisri Prasad
Cinematography: Vijay K Chakravarthy
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Director: Dasaradh
Producer: Dil Raju
Release date: 22/04/2011
Prabhas is back and after almost a year. He paired up with Kajal and it is also a crucial big budget venture for producer Dil Raju. Let us see how perfect this gets..
Vicky (Prabhas) who lives in Australia grows with a rule that he would never compromise for anything he doesn’t like. Given his practical thinking, he wants everything to be perfect, even in relationships. The marriage of his sister gets him to India and here he meets Priya, daughter of his father’s friend (Murali Mohan). As such, Vicky’s father (Nasser) wants him to get married to Priya.

Initially, both Vicky and Priya feel repulsive but in no time, Priya starts falling in love. She begins to change herself to suit Vicky’s life and thoughts. However, when the moment comes, Vicky gives his practical outlook and returns to Australia.

Here, he meets Maggi (Taapsee) through a competition and feels she is the perfect one. How perfect is Maggi for Vicky? How true is Priya’s love for Vicky? How correct is Vicky in his thoughts? All this forms the rest of the story.
Prabhas has given a decent performance. He scores in his outfits and timing of dialogues but he should have reduced the mannerism of keeping his hand in pant pocket in almost all scenes, might look like fashion and style but felt like an overdose.
Kajal Agarwal is expressively beautiful and is drop dead gorgeous in sarees. She is a visual treat to the audience and steals few more hearts with her endearing smiles. Performance wise, she was apt.
Taapsee looks hot and fits the bill rightly given her character. The dubbing suited her expressions and she fills the glamour quotient.
K Vishwanath was elegant, Prakashraj was matured, Sayaji Shinde was noisy, Nasser was natural, Brahmi tried to bring few smiles, Raghu Babu was jarring, Master Bharat was regular. The ladies did their bit to support.


  • Prabhas- Kajal screen chemistry
  • Locations and cinematography
  • Costumes
  • Theme of the film
  • Screenplay


  • Second half
  • Weak emotional scenes
  • Overdose of moral preaching

The film comes across as a clean, family entertainer and the intention of the makers must be appreciated. Their attempt to reiterate the values of love, life, relationships in today’s world is acknowledged. However, dealing with such human subjects requires humane feel and a deft handling of the script, that was missing here.

As such, the protagonist goes with the flow of destiny but there is nothing significant he does to perfect the situations. He is more on the receiving end most of the time. On the other hand, the idea of a girl willing to adapt herself like that was rather unconvincing (of course, finding a girl like that in today’s times is jackpot fortune).

First half comprises with good humor and flow of drama. And second half also continues in similar fashion recalling the blend of Santhosham and Bommarillu but with weak handling of emotions. Required emotion is not carried in the fag end of the film and hence it appeared weak.

The film deals with the understanding of relations between younger generation and the older ones. The plus point in the film is that all the songs are good with pleasing music and sensible lyrics. But all are situational songs and no duets are seen in this genre of film, surprisingly.

Having said that, the film appeals largely due to the conviction in the belief of love, sharing and how few things in life cannot be got merely by rational thinking. At the box office, this is a treat for the family audience and given the craze for Prabhas and Kajal, the openings will be strong. Overall, this would be anywhere between an average and profit grosser.

Bottomline: For family audience

(Venkat can be reached at [email protected])

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