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'Mister' Review: Another Dud

'Mister' Review: Another Dud

Movie: Mister
Rating: 2/5
Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Cast: Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Hebbah Patel, Satyam Rajesh, Nasser, Nithin Dar, Raghu Babu, Tejaswi and others
Story: Gopi Mohan
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography:  K V Guhan
Editor: M R Varmaa
Art: A S Prakash
Action: Stun Siva
Producers: Tagore Madhu and Nallamalupu Bujji
Screenplay and directed by:  Sreenu Vaitla
Release date: Apr 14, 2017

As Sreenu Vaitla delivered two biggest disasters in the recent past, there were not many hopes on his "Mister" but it created buzz due to the pleasant first teaser. Since he claimed that he is reinventing his style of narration with this film, "Mister" has started gaining good publicity.

Has he really changed his style? Has Vaitla made a good comeback with this? Let's find out.

Chai (Varun Tej) lives with his parents in France. Due to some confusion, he receives a wrong girl at airport. The girl turns out to be Meera (Hebbah).

During her five-day stay in France, they roam all around the city and he stars loving her. Twist in the tale is that she actually is in love with Siddharth (Prince) in India.

Few days later, she calls Chai informing him that Siddharth is refusing to marry her and she has no option to end her life. Chai then heads to India.

On his way to Meera's village, he meets Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi), who belongs to a royal family.

Chai meets Meera at her home and comes to know that her brother has threatened Siddharth to leave his sister. Now all these guys are on the run to escape from one villain gang. Then two others gang also follow them leading to chaotic end.

Artistes’ Performances: 
Varun Tej has gone for stylish makeover for this NRI role and he is impressive in the role. He has also exhibited confidence in his acting.

Both heroines have looked bad, as their styling is utterly muddled. Their characterizations are also lack any novelty. There are too many actors in the movie but only few make an impression.

Raghu Babu as Nagarjuna ('Oopiri' spoof) and Srinivas Reddy have provided some comedy but Prudhvi's thread as movie director has failed to evoke any laughs. Nasser, villain Nithin Dhar, Murali Sharma and Surekha Vani are okay.

Technical Excellence:  
The movie is shot in some beautiful locations in Spain, France, Switzerland and Karnataka. Cinematographer K V Guhan has made it look visually beautiful.

Entire first half and some parts in the second half are visually stunning. His cinematography is the sole saving grace.

Except for one song, Mickey's music has completely gone wrong. Editing is clutter. Gopi Mohan's storyline sounds reasonable only on paper.

Foreign episode in the first half
Beautiful cinematography

Boring second half
Predictable screenplay
Bad music 
Too many gangs and characters
Chaotic climax portion

After two back-to-back duds with "Aagadu" and "Brucee Lee", we expect Sreenu Vaitla to put extra effort in writing best screenplay, as this film is very crucial to his career. But, he has come up with same routine and messy second half wherein many gangs appear, many threads come in, confusion drama goes on.

All these elements we have seen in his earlier movies that were rejected by audiences as they have gone beyond expiry date.

Still, he has not changed his style of narration though he makes us believe that he has chosen different path from the earlier movies at the beginning of the movie. Later we realize we got fooled. 

"Mister" begins on a pleasant note with the romantic thread focusing on Varun Tej and Hebbah Patel, who meet at an airport and later they go on exploring the city in France and in the process romance happens. Vaitla deals this portion neatly.

Though we can easily guess that Hebbah is already in love with another guy, the predictable romantic part doesn't bore us much. There is also good comedy spoof of "Oopiri" involving Raghu Babu, Tejaswi Madivaada and Srinivas Reddy.

Once the drama moves to India, it completely goes on wrong path. The introduction of Lavanya, the reason why Siddharth (Prince) refuses to marry Hebbah and the track of movie director all happen quickly and all threads merge into.

In the second half, the story happens in some part of Karnataka where the villages still bound by the rules laid by erstwhile emperor Srikrishna Devaraya.

It is introduced that Lavanya is daughter of a rathavara who belongs to Devaraya vamsam and he gives judgments like pedarayudu. This entire episode of Lavanya's flashback, rathavara's (played by Murali sharma) strange judgments have sunk the movie into a hole.

It never bounces back again. There is an elaborate sequence involving Murali Sharma as royal king and his methods. This is quite unrealistic.

Why Telugu filmmakers have started liking towards these old rajas and their families? Where do such people exist in India? Why this crap is being dished out at the expense of producer's money?

Towards the climax, Hebbah suddenly changes her heart and starts loving Varun. And Prince also comes forward to become Thyagaraja.

Even though Lavanya is already got engaged to Varun, she is ready to sacrifice her love for the sake of Hebbah. Such idiotic penultimate sequences have happened. Total second half is crap.

Adding salt to injury, both heroines have looked horribly bad with terrible costumes and makeup. The songs are also monotonous. Generally, Vaitla comes up with good comedy but this movie doesn't have a single humorous situation post interval.

The only positive points of the movie are bearable first half and cinematography. All in all, Sreenu Vaitla has not changed as director.

He has not come out from his regular format and dished out another boring story. Either class audiences or mass audiences may not like "Mister". A total waste effort.

Bottom-line: Total Mess!