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'Michael Madana Kamaraju' Review: Outdated Comedy

'Michael Madana Kamaraju' Review: Outdated Comedy

Film: Michael Madana Kamaraju
Silver Screen Movies
Cast: Srikanth, Prabhudeva, Sunil, Charmy, Asha Saini, Surya, Giribabu, Kadambari Kiran Kumar, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Kondavalasa, Mallikarjuna Rao, LB Sri Ram, Abhinaya Sree, Kavita, Sangeetha etc
Music: Chakry
Art: Peketi Ranga
Producers: Raju, Praveen
Director: Nidhi Prasad
Released On: 18 April 2008
An elongated film, the story is about Madan (Srikanth) a talented fashion designer not believing in love marriages and his cousin Kamaraju (Sunil) waiting for the right girl to arrive in his life. Things take a turn at Goa when Madan sees Archana (Charmi) at the beach and Kamaraju falls for Mandira (Asha Saini). 

Archana is an aspiring fashion designer and wins a prize at the competition in Goa through the hands of Madan and on requesting she gets a job in the office of Madan. Madan starts liking the nature of Archana and falls in love with her but his ego stops him to express his feelings.

Meanwhile, Kamaraju and Mandira decide to get married but he has to get the approval of Madan for that. Since he notices Madan's feelings he plays a game that Archana's wedding is fixed with Ravindra alias Michael (Prabhu Deva) and even arranges a wedding invitation. Luckily or unluckily, Madan sees Ravindra who in real is Michael a conman and shares his feelings with him. Michael devises a plan so that he can become rich by marrying Archana and takes the help of few professional artists like Kota (Kota), Malli (Mallikarjun Rao), Kovai Sarala to act as his family. Where does all this lead to forms the suspense in the story…
Hero Srikanth has given a good show and his maturity as an actor is seen. Sunil makes the scene lively with his bubbly performance and his dialogues manage to give some relief. Prabhu Deva is a good dancer and has given a decent performance though his role is limited. Charmi looks really glamorous while Asha Saini looks very seductive and tempting. The rest of the cast like Kota, Naga Babu, Venu Madhav, Brahmanandam are seasoned in their performances and justified their roles. Kovai Sarala was loud enough to be heard while Abhinayasri had her own way. 

The director missed out on the editing section which has taken the film to a lengthy second half which could have been tailored well to keep the audience engrossed in the story. The music is not that catchy but the dance number by Prabhu Deva is lively- especially the one with Charmy on stage, in a mix with classical dance.  Camera has captured few shots very well and the glamour aspect has been given full preference in the film.

It is the film that squeezes out the tolerance of audiences with about 3 hour long unfolding (including interval). About 40 minutes can be cut down comfortably.
First half of the film runs with introduction of characters and characterizations while the second half goes with all comedy of confusion. The interval twist is also nothing great. The film run son beaten track.
Director Nidhi Prasad made this film after 'Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw'. Since that was a remake from Hindi film 'Malamaal Weekly', the efforts of Nidhi Prasad were kept on bringing it to nativity and making it more interesting. But now the story turned original (although picked up some bits and pieces from old Hindi films) and hence the screenplay grip was lost.
The hot exposing by Asha Saini and sensuous glamour by Charmy added glow for the screen.
The mistakes done in this film are:
Lengthy screenplay
Wrong story line
The plus points in the film are:
Glamour dose
Comedy that is required to be in major part is not mixed in right way. There should have been more gripping comedy. 
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